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Thread: COLTS and PATS OUT!

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    Hoollllllly Crap..

    Indianapolis Colts just missed a game tying field goal!!! Steelers move on! Still saying Steelers and SeaHawks (pending alexander's health) in the superbowl

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    I've been watching Pittsburgh since about halfway through last season.. becoming a Bettis fan even though this is the end of the line for him. Not really a Pittsburgh fan but a Bettis fan, and now that he's getting more carries than just goal line it's good to see the conference championship again maybe and who knows maybe the superbowl.

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    I'm going with the Broncos and Panthers, with Carolina taking the title. Originally I had Indy over Carolina but that is obviously out the window.

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    Wow..that really changes the face of these play-offs. I had picked the Pats to win it all. Man I suck at making predictions!! Whoever the two teams in the Superbowl are it looks like this year might be a good one.


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    you could probably have made a bunch of money on betting Pittsburgh to superbowl before the season started.. if they beat Denver

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