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Thread: Questions about NPNs

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    Questions about NPNs

    Hi - I get the general idea of NPNs but I have a couple specific (hopefully simple) questions:

    1. Do you just send each entry to the same address with just a different brand name?

    For example - if I want a NPN of Sweet Shot basketball, is this what I put on the envelope:

    "05-06 Sweet Shot Basketball NPN
    Upper Deck
    10 Doe Street

    and if I want one for another Upper Deck "Brand" like SP authentic or something do I just change the first line to "SP Authentic" and the rest of the address is the same? Or is there a whole different address?

    2.Does anyone know the real address for UD NPNs?
    3. What info should I include in an Upper Deck NPN?

    (I am guessing name address and phone numbers)
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    Most of your questions are answered here:

    In general, UD uses the same address. Also, compared to other companies, UD does not send out a lot of NPN. They seem to go in a black hole.
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