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Thread: 2005 UD Exquisite

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    Question 2005 UD Exquisite

    I am thinking about ripping a case (3 boxes) but it is one hell of a gamble... Any of you guys ever opened any Exquisite (I know it's the 1st year for FB but BK has been out for the last 2 seasons) and how did you do? PLMK.


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    Exquisite for football? damn.

    I busted a case of Exquisite in 03-04 and did VERY well, even better if I had hung on to the stuff.

    I busted 1 box of Exquisite this year and did well too. There really are very few "bad" breaks, but at $550-$800/box the odds of you getting your money back are pretty slim. For example, I paid $700 for my box this year and pulled a Dwight Howard auto #/25...books $300, I sold it for $275. I also pulled 2 other auto patches that netted me a whopping $80. The Howard was a good pull, just a little late.

    In 03-04 I pulled a Wade 2 clr. Sold it at what I thought was the peak for $575. Now it's a $3k+ card. Oops. :)

    I'd probably wait to bust a box until you see what others are getting. If they boxes are looking light, wait a month and the price will drop, if they look like they are really good, get on one asap before the price goes up. It's always been worth the gamble in my opinion, as long as you have the coin to spend on it and won't look to the next bridge to jump off if you get crap. A bad $100 box is a lot easier to swallow than a bad $700 box.

    BTW, what is MSRP on these? I'll have to see what pre-sell is...dang you. :)

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    Found it on UD's site. Sounds like it might be loaded, just depends on the player selection for the rc's and dual autos.

    For those interested...

    Upper Deck’s “Exquisite Collection” Expands To Football

    Upper Deck Exquisite Football Will Provide Industry’s Most
    Limited Rookie Autographs of The Year!

    Cheyenne, NV (January 12, 2006) — The Upper Deck Company announces an extension to its historic Exquisite Collection brand as it expands to football. The company will release Exquisite Collection Football (MSRP $500) which will feature the most sought-after, low-numbered rookie cards in the industry as well as the industries first ever football card with an autographed piece from game used helmet. In addition, the company will include the first-ever quadruple autographed logo patch football card in the set.

    Upper Deck continues to shake up the industry and cement its position as the leading innovator in the hobby as it raises the bar with stunning designs depicting the top players of the past and present showcasing their skills on the grid-iron. Exquisite Collection Football is loaded from top to bottom delivering six hits per box: one regular card; a rookie autographed patch jersey card numbered to 199 or less; one additional signature (either a dual, triple or quad) numbered to 99 or less; one patch card numbered to 35 or less; one oversized jersey card numbered to 50; one and additional rookie signature numbered to 150.

    “Exquisite Collection Football will continue to challenge the way the industry looks at high-end collectible sets,” says Football Product Development Manager, Gregg Kohn. “This set is loaded with tons of great cards such as the Brett Favre/Joe Montana/Dan Marino/John Elway quad patch card numbered to 10 or the Troy Aikman game used helmet autograph card also numbered to five. We are also offering a unique redemption, inserted in random boxes, will be a redemption card for another box of Exquisite Collection Football or a redemption for the entire Rookie Signature Materials set.”

    How cool is that? :)

    The 128-card set features a total of 42 NFL stars (numbered to 150), 52 Exquisite Rookies Signature cards (numbered to 150), and 34 Exquisite Rookie Signature Materials cards (numbered to 199 or less) appearing in action-packed, cutting edge designs collectors have come to expect from Upper Deck.

    Exquisite Collection Football, delivered in a dark cherry wood box, offers collectors a wide range of unique one-of-a-kind memorabilia, autograph and combination cards. Hobbyist will have a chance to collect memorabilia from such themes as Exquisite Patch, Exquisite Dual Patch, Exquisite Triple Patch, Exquisite Quad Patches and Exquisite Signature Helmet to name a few. In addition, they will be able to get their hands on incredible autographs in sets such as Exquisite Triple Signatures, Exquisite Cuts and Exquisite Debut Signatures.

    Exquisite Collection Football hits hobby store shelves in late-January with a suggested retail price of $500 per pack.

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    Card One
    (one of the following)
    Regular card (# to 150)
    Card Two
    (one of the following)
    Exquisite Rookie Signature Materials (# to 199 or less)
    Card Three
    (one of the following)
    Exquisite Rookie Signatures (# to 150)
    Card Four
    (one of the following)
    Exquisite Super Jersey (# to 50)
    Exquisite Super Jersey Parallel (# to 30)
    Card Five
    (one of the following)
    Exquisite Patch (# to 35)
    Exquisite Patch Parallel (# to 15)
    Exquisite Dual Patch ( #to 25)
    Exquisite Triple Patch (# to 15)
    Exquisite Quad Patch ( # to 10)
    Exquisite Super Patch (# to 15)
    Card Six
    (one of the following)
    Exquisite Signatures (# to 35)
    Exquisite Super Patch Signatures (# to 5)
    Exquisite Helmet Signatures (# to 5)
    Exquisite Shoulder Pad Signatures (# to 5)
    Exquisite Super Jersey Signatures (# to 15)
    Exquisite Patch Signatures (# to 10)
    Exquisite Dual Signatures (# to 25)
    Exquisite Triple Signatures (# to 15)
    Exquisite Quad Signatures (# to 10)
    Exquisite Champion Signatures (# to 5)
    Exquisite Numbers Signatures (varied #)
    Exquisite Endorsements (# to 15)
    Exquisite Debut Signatures (# to 25)
    Exquisite Debut Dual Signatures (# to 15)
    Exquisite Rookie Signature Material Set Redemption (# to 5)
    Exquisite Box Redemption (# to 15)
    Exquisite Dual NFL Logo Patch Signatures (1 of 1)
    Exquisite Quad NFL Logo Patch Signatures (1 of 1)
    Exquisite Cuts (1 of 1)

    Always looking to add Montreal Canadiens certified autographs to my PC
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    I can get a case for $1950.00 delivered...

    Always looking to add Montreal Canadiens certified autographs to my PC
    STOP KILLING SHARKS - Keep sharks in the Ocean and out of the soup
    I have a U.S address, let's trade!

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    That's what blowout has them for. I am waiting to see if my wholesaler puts them out. We have a large show here in 2 weeks so I'm curious to see if one of them will have a box or case available.

    I am already plotting ways to come up with the coin to buy a box. :)

    Considering the MSRP is $500, the rookie class this year really isn't that strong and high end products across the board took a bit of a hit this year, I'm surprised they released it. Last year seemed like a much better year for Exquisite. Just think what Eli, Julius, Tatum and Big Ben would have been going for last year. Sure, Cadillac will be huge, and Aaron Rogers will command a premium but other than there anyone you just have to have this year? Alex Smith isn't all that popular, Braylon Edwards got hurt, Troy Williamson showed some flashed but that was about it...Ronnie Brown is splitting carries... I'd be hopeful I hit one of the HOF quad patch/autos over a big time rookie.

    Sure is going to be neat to see it!

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    oh yeah, also surprised the pre-sell is almost $200 over MSRP. If it doesn't yield some big hits right away, you can bet the price will come down.

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    $500 for a six card pack? :new_silly

    Are these companies serious? Better yet, are collector`s this freakin nuts?

    Thats half my mortgage payment. 2 months of heating oil. 71.53 4-packs of Guinness!! Yikes!!

    I would love to rip a pack of them, but I think my priorities would truly have to come first. Even splitting a pack with someone is a bit steep. Now I`m gonna be like you guys and start thinking of crazy ways to raise cash for a pack. Ugh! The life of a trading card collector!! LOL

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