i got 2 packs of Topps Pristine and 3 packs of Playoff Contenders and got these:

Uncirculated Common Base Jeremy Shockey #/750
Uncirculated Common Base Brandon Jacobs #/750
Anniversary Patch Relics Carlos Rodgers #/150
Personal Endorsements Stefan LeFors Auto #/1500 (very nice!)
Personal Pieces Trent Green Jersey

Playoff Contenders:
Otis Amey (49ers) Rookie Ticket Auto

And below if a messed up picture i have made of the trent green jersey. its exactly like the "NFL Equipment" Logo on the neck of his jersey.... but the patch was taken off... so you can clearly see the difference in the shades of red to where you can only see the "N" in "NFL Equipment".... please help me out on why you think they would take the patch off on the swatch?