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    Roy Oswalt 05 Reflections 4-Color Patch FT!!!

    BV on this is only $15, but I'm wanting a little more trade since it's such a beautiful patch. Looking for other nice Patches or Auto's in return. LMK if interested.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    kobe-some nice stuff, but nothing I could use at this time.

    flyshyts-Do you have scans and BV's of these by chance?

    2004 UD Artifacts Carlos Zambrano 3clr Patch 1/50
    Travis Hafner 4 color Patch
    2003 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket DeWayne Robertson

    Is the Robertson Autographed?

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    BigPoppaTA-Man you have some SWEET stuff, but everything I like is way out of my range.

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    Thanks man, LMK if you cant work a deal w/ anyone else and it is still available...My little bro collects football and he may have something your looking for

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    Get me a list of some Football stuff he has if you don't mind. It's still available, I'm fielding offers on it, and I'm gonna take the best offer I get probably.

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