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    Ultimate Miami Heat Collection, Once in a lifetime lot

    Below I have a collection of the rarest Miami Heat items. These are all promo items that could only be obtained at the Heat stadium these last 3 years. These items never went on sale online or any store. You will never see this lot ever for sale all together.

    The first item is the is the "I. Was. There" October 29, 2010 T-shirt. Item was given out at the Big 3's very first game in Miami. Shirt is a size XL. Included with the shirt is the three different programs from the game, one of LeBron, one of Wade and one of Bosh. I have never seen this shirt posted on eBay along with all three of the programs. This is worth at least $40 as I've seen the shirt sell for $30 alone.

    The second item is the LeBron James South Beach Poster. This item was only given out at the Heat Arena in 2010 at LeBron James first game as a Heat member. Poster has gone upwards of $50 and there are currently zero on eBay.

    The third item is the Miami Heat BEAT OKC NBA Finals Shirt. Item is on bottom left of picture This t-shirt was only given out during the NBA Finals here in Miami. The color of the shirt is White and is a Size Extra Large. The shirt is selling for about $40 average.

    The fourth item is the LeBron James MVP Headband. This item was given out at the Heat game immediately after LeBron James won the 2012 MVP award. Item selling for about $30 and there are currently zero on eBay.

    All in all you are getting over $150 worth of merchandise here. These items will never, ever be listed all together in one lot. This will be your only chance. Please feel free to message me any questions. I do have some extra's of some of the shirts/posters.

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