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    FT: 2 Printing Plate Autos....Williams & Williams

    Mike Williams 2005 UD Printing Plate Auto/RC serial #ed 1/1
    Carnell "Cadillac" Williams 2005 UD Printing Plate Auto/RC serial #ed 1/1

    Scans available for both cards

  2. Kronozio
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    The value really depends on what I would be getting in return. LMK if you have a trade list and I'll take a look.

    Thanks, Joe

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    Stain .... Sorry man but I really didn't see anything I can use right now. Thanks, Joe

    Twisty ..... Whats BVs on these?? LMK, Joe
    Bradshaw LCM Auto
    Jim Brown LCM Auto
    LJ LCM Auto
    Montana LCM Auto
    Palmer LCM Auto
    T Brown LCM AUto
    Graham SPa Patch
    P Manning Auto
    P Manning Auto/Jrsy
    Isaih Exquisite Auto/Patch
    B rothehlskndsdlkjoihsetberger Sage Auto
    Both Barry Auto/Patches
    Brady auto/Jrsy
    Heath Miller SPx
    B Edward TOTC Auto

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    Nothing really. You were just saying that you have the TO auto and I was congratulating you on the pick up.

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