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    Smile Some product Breakouts for 03/04

    Here is some of the latest breadouts of the Basketball releases for this year. I like to know what is in a product before I buy it, so I though I would share with all of you. Here is just a few. This is going to be a huge year for Basketball with Lebron and crew of rookies, get them while they are low. I am betting on Carmelo my self!!

    2003 Fleer Authentix Basketball
    Authentix is one of the most unique products to come into the market place in quite some time. Each box of Fleer Authentix will have 3 memorabilia or autographed cards in every box. Autographed cards will come in every other box and will feature autographs of Amare Stoudamire, Ben Wallace & Carmelo Anthony. All of the autographed cards will be numbered 100 or less. The innovative Rookie Booster tickets are coming to Authentix NBA, Simply pair the booster ticket with the Rookie Authentix card and create the ultimate rookie card. This Authentix exclusive, will feature ALL ROOKIES. Draft day tickets are another very unique card that features an actual piece of ticket from this yearís draft. My favorate

    2003/4 Upper Deck Basketball
    With Exclusive contracts with LeBron James, Darko Milicek, Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant, Upper Deck is clearly leading the collector world in the sport of Basketball. This single release will feature all of the top stars, and all of the rookies you have come to expect from Upper Deck. Upper Deck Basketball is a great looking product, at a great price. Each box will have two memorabilia cards per box, and an average of 6 rookie cards. Collectors will also love the SE Die-Cut All Stars and SE Die-Cut Future All-Stars. The best for the buck, as usuall.

    2003/4 Bowman Signature Edition Basketball
    This years draft class is loaded with talent that is very reminiscent of the 1986 draft. Each draft pack will have one Uncirculated, sequentially numbered autographed or autographed relic card in every pack! The base set also includes autographs or rookies & rookie relics. Collectors can also find one of one parallel card. Each box will also have an individually wrapped parallel box loader! Will be a premium product, but if you want the rare card(s) it is the one. Bring your check book though. This one will be on my christmas list!!

  2. Kronozio
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    Nice post flip. I personally only found the Bowman Sigs to be all that unique but I appreciate your view.

    125 CC for the nice job. ;)


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    I enjoy to see that Upper Deck is not trying to do anything fancy with their product. They are not packing it with too many memorabilia cards, and they also put a large amount of rookies in each box so that the set can be obtained easily. Upper Deck is truly a fan favorite.

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    i think im goin to do a set of fleer authentix...thanks flip!

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