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Thread: fake Pennington auto?

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    fake Pennington auto?

    I think this is the same guy selling all those fakes on eBay.

    Looks like there is a defect card with the line going through Penningtons name.

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    It doesn't seem to be fake. One thing tho is Beckett lists it as numbered out of 35, not 34. Perhaps a typo on the seller's/Beckett's part or a big mistake in faking it.

    CE did liquidate everything in 2001 so there's alot of chances for fake CE cards. They sold off anything & everything wether it was supposed to be released or not which I'm sure included extra unsigned auto cards.

    Hard to tell.

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    Im pretty sure thats real. Edge did make his cards, and it does look real to me.

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    Chads auto looks different than that though... Maybe it's because my autograph is on a bigger area (Fleer 8x5" card with auto on a piece of ball), but it's really different.

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    The auto looks good to me. Have had a few in my time and they all look close.

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    I have the exact same card, but in blakc ink - card should be #/470 on back. The autograph looks good to me.

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