Plmk what you are interested in and what you have for trade plmk
2004 SPx Ben Watson #197 0717/1499 (White Swatch & Blue Ink) (Patriots)
2004 Leaf Limited Limited threads Ahman Green #LT-2 03/30 (White Swatch & Blue Ink) (Seahawks)

2005 Sage Hit Autographs Silver Troy Williamson #A27 (Blue Ink) (University of South Carolina)
2005 Reflections Signature Reflections Keary Colbert #SR-KC (Blue Ink) (Panthers)
2004 SPx Superscripts Joey Galloway #SS-JO (Blue Ink) (Buccaneers)
2004 Spx Superscripts Jesse Palmer #SS-JP (Blue Ink) (Giants)
2004 Spx Superscripts Deuce McAllister #SS-DE (Blue Ink) (Saints)
2004 Spx Superscripts Chad Pennington #SS-CP (Blue Ink) (Jets)
2004 Sage Hit Autographs Silver Jake Grove #A29 (Blue Ink) (Virginia Tech)
2003 Sage Hit Autographs Tyrone Calico #A27 (Blue Ink) (Middle Tenn St.)
2000 Playoff Prestige Overall Checklist Tim Dwight #CL64 (Black Ink) (Falcons)
1999 Collectors Edge Advantage Rookie autographs Dre' Bly #156 (Black Ink) (North Carolina)

2005 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Heritage Isaac Bruce #GH-14 (White Swatch) (Rams)
2005 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Green Brian Westbrook #88 4/5 (Black Swatch) (Eagles)
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Leather Donovan McNabb #LL-28 008/250 (Football) (Eagles)
2004 SPx Rookie Swatch Supremacy Ben Watson #SWR-BW (Blue Swatch) (Patriots)
2004 SPx Swatch Supremacy Rudi Johnson #SW-RJ (black Swatch) (Bengals)
2004 Sage Jersey Update Chris Perry #13 (White Swatch) (Michigan)
2003 Ultra Touchdown Kings Ultra Swatch Ricky Williams #TKU/RW 18/34 (White Swatch) (Dolphins) (PENDING)
2002 Score QBC Materials Aaron Brooks #24 (Black Swatch) (Saints) (In graded case)
2002 Score QBC Materials Rob Johnson #5 Blue Swatch) (Bills) (In graded case)
2002 Fleer Showcase Air To The Throne Jake Plummer NNO (Red Swatch) (Cardinals)
2001 Donruss Classics Hashmarks Fred Biletnikoff #HM-17 (Turf) (Raiders)
1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey Game gear Hologold Brian Griese #BG (Football) (Broncos)

2003-04 SP Signature Authentic Signatures Maurice Williams #S-MW (Blue Ink) (Jazz)
2001-02 Upper Deck Inspirations Brian Scalabrine/ Kenyon Martin #113 0374/1149 (Both Blue Ink) (Nets)

2004 Sweet Shot Jersey J.R. Smith #SSJ-JR (Teal Swatch) (Hornets)
2003-04 Bazooka Blasts Hedo Turkoglu #BB-HT (White Swatch) (Spurs/ In Kings Jersey)
2003-04 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Kedrick Brown #KE-J (White Swatch) (Celtics)
2002-03 UD Glass Premiere Issues Sam Clancy #SC-P (Black Swatch) (76ers)
2002-03 Hoops Hot Materials Ryan Humphrey #HM-RH (Blue Swatch) (Magic)
2002-03 Hoops Hot Materials Cuttino Mobley #HM-CM (Red Swatch) (Rockets)