I have been out of the game for a while and I am in need of the Iverson 05-06 base cards from the following sets.

Bowman 100
Bowman Chrome 100
Bowman Gold 100
Reflections 72
Reflections Purple 72
Sp Game Used 73
Spx 65
Topps All-Star Altitude
Topps Bazooka 103
Topps Bazooka Sticker 4
Topps Bazooka Sticker 55
Topps Bazooka Comic
Topps Bazooka Mini
Topps Gold
Topps First Edition
Topps Black
Topps Overtime
Topps Poker
Topps Pristine
UD Portraits
Upper Deck

I am looking to trade or buy in the prices are cheap. I am also interested in the game used if the prices are not too high.

Tell me if you need anything from my site