I would like to trade for what I need.

Cards in bold face are coming in.
1 Shawn Johnson Gymnastics (Silver)
3 Juan Agudelo Soccer (Silver)
5 Nick Symmonds Track & Field (Gold)
10 Tyson Gay Track & Field (Gold)
14 Dana Vollmer Swimming (Gold & Silver)
15 Aly Raisman Gymnastics (Gold)
18 Tatyana McFadden Athletics (Silver)
21 David Oliver Track & Field (Gold)
22 Lashawn Merritt Track & Field (Gold & Silver)
23 Katie O'Donnell Field Hockey (Gold)
25 Brady Ellison Archery (Gold)
26 Rebecca Soni Swimming (Gold)
27 Margaux Isaksen Modern Pentathlon (Gold)
30 Sanya Richards Track & Field (Silver)
32 Mariel Zagunis Fencing (Silver)
36 Tucker Dupree Swimming (Gold)
42 Funmi Jimoh Track & Field (Gold)
44 Trey Hardee Decathlon (Gold)
45 Phil Dalhausser Beach Volleyball (Silver)
48 Jerome Singleton Athletics (Silver)
50 Hope Solo Soccer (Gold)
53 Paige Railey Sailing (Gold)
54 Kari LaRaine Miller Volleyball (Gold)
58 Anna Tunnicliffe Sailing (Gold)
59 Missy Franklin Swimming (Gold)
60 Maya Moore Basketball (Gold)
61 Kelley O'Hara Soccer (Gold)
65 Jessica Long Swimming (Gold)
66 Allyson Felix Track & Field (Gold)
67 Arielle Martin Verhaaren BMX (Gold)
69 Zach Railey Sailing (Silver)
70 Lolo Jones Track & Field (Gold)
71 Taylor Phinney Cycling (Silver)
73 Kellie Wells Track & Field (Gold)
75 Ariel Hsing Table Tennis (Gold)
80 Jonathan Horton Gymnastics (Gold & Silver)
82 Merrill Moses Water Polo (Gold)
83 Carli Lloyd Soccer (Gold)
90 Alex Morgan Soccer (Gold & Silver)
91 Seimone Augustus Basketball (Gold)
93 Abby Wambach Soccer (Silver)
94 Yvette Lewis Track & Field (Silver)
96 Evelyn Stevens Cycling (Silver)
98 Paige McPherson Taekwondo (Gold)

100 Michael Phelps Swimming (Gold)

London 2012 Olympic Games Venue Cards
SOV-2 Basketball Arena
SOV-6 London 2012 Olympic Stadium
SOV-14 Hyde Park
SOV-19 Wembley Arena

Heritage of the Olympic Games
OH-X 1932 Los Angeles, United States

Opening Ceremony
OC-1 Athens 1896 Olympic Games
OC-6 Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games
OC-9 Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games
OC-11 London 1948 Olympic Games
OC-19 Moscow 1980 Olympic Games