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    Cool Size17shoe's Official Reed Trading Cards Thread

    Hello SCF, I'm Bryan Giaquinta. Many may know me by size17shoes on here and a few other sites. Since I was quite young I had a dream of starting my own trading card company. I collected heavily up till i was married in 2007. The ex wasn't fond of me spending one red cent on myself, so I had to quit the hobby. Let's just say it was a nightmare marriage. Our marriage ended on a great note with a violent car accident in 2008 that has left me permanently injured. I was off work for three years, working my way back to trying to live a normal life even though I suffered both physical and cognitive injuries. I finally made it back to work in May 2011 to the same place I worked when I was injured, and that was Sears. In 2010, I lost my only brother to an alleged suicide that is still under investigation. The name Reed trading Cards is in his honor. With all the personal situations I've been through the last four years, an opportunity presented itself and I found a passion for something again which was lost during those four years.

    I was on a football social site where you can become friends with current and former NFLers and have established some great friendships with many of them. I have had many phone conversations with these men and they all pretty much said the same to me when it came to sports cards. They never had a trading card made or maybe had one but would like another one to cement their legacies so they are not forgotten.

    That really hit home to me. Who wants to be forgotten? I showed them some of my work done with power point and they asked me to design cards for them. Let me tell you, it's an honor to be asked this and I let them know I work with the greatest card designers on SCF!

    So, you know my back story even though I have basically said too much lol...I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended with my other threads. I am humbled by your views, your responses, and your criticism, both positive and negative. Thanks to all of you designers for keeping me inspired with your great designs. Thanks for the support I have been afforded by many of you, it keeps me going! Cheers!

    Also looking to produce non sports, Olympic, and generally off the wall cards. Keeping my eyes open!
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    I recently spoke with artist Luis Diaz from Garbage Pail Kids fame about an art piece he made that is of one of the legends wanting a card made. I really love the piece and he said he would like to see it as a trading card and would lease it to me for a set price.He mentioned to me that he commissions these paintings from between $200-$500 each to paint them for companies such as Topps. Associated Press who owns full rights to the NFL wants around $350 a photo. My only concern is the legend is in a Raiders Uniform, and i won't have licensing from the NFL. So, I will have to find another alternative for the design.
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    There have been moments I have honestly wanted to give up but I am determined to fulfilling my dream of marketing my card lines. I appreciate the support i have received since beginning this journey. It keeps me going!

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    Found an online printshop that has been getting rave reviews for its prining service at a low cost. The site was They require you to send files in 350 dpi. I didnt know they went past 300 dpi.

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    when i started the design contest for the autographed football card lot, these are the cards

    Official Count 129 signed cards
    Arizona/St. Louis Cardinals

    Rich Camarillo 1990 Score #132 (Blue Auto)

    Rich Cam
    arillo !991 Bowman #424 (Blue Auto)
    Neil Lomax 1983 Topps#158 (Blue Auto)
    Neil Lomax 1985 Topps #143 (Blue Auto)
    Neil Lomax 1989 ProSet #331 (Blue Auto)

    Atlanta Falcons
    Tim Green 1990 Score #206 (Black Auto)
    Tim Green 1991 ProSet Platinum #3 (Black Auto)

    Buffalo Bills:
    Ray Bentley 1991 Score #347 (Blue Auto)
    Shane Conlan 1989 Topps #41 (Black Auto)
    Shane Conlan 1990 Score #174 (Black Auto)
    Shane Conlan 1991 UD #153 (Black Auto)
    Kent Hull 1991 Bowman #41 (Black Auto) DECEASED
    Mark Kelso 1989 ProSet #23 (Blue Auto)
    Mark Kelso 1990 Score#267 (Blue Auto)
    Mark Kelso 1993 UD #472 (Blue Auto)
    Bryce Paup 1996 Fleer #16 (Black Auto)
    Bryce Paup 1996 Skybox Impact Rookie Sleepers #133 (Black Auto)
    Andre Reed 1990 Score #57 with business card (Blue Auto)
    Jim Ritcher 1993 Fleer Ultra #31 (Black Auto)

    Chicago Bears
    Gary Fencik 1981 Toops #40 (Blue Auto)
    Gary Fencik 1985 Topps #25 (Blue Auto)
    Steve Fuller 1985 Topps #28 (Black Auto)
    Mike Tomczak 1990 Score #244 (Black Auto)
    Tom Waddle 1991 ProSet #818 (Black Auto)
    Tom Waddle 1993 ProSet Power #187 (Black Auto)

    Cincinnati Bengals:
    David Fulcher 1989 ProSet #59 (Black Auto)
    David Fulcher 1990 Score #183 (Black Auto)
    David Fulcher 1992 Fleer #55 (Black Auto)
    Jim LeClair 1978 Topps #14 (Black Auto)
    Jim LeClair 1980 Topps # 306 (Black Auto)
    David Klingler 1993 UD All-Rookie Team #31 (Black Auto)

    Cleveland Browns:(GONE)

    Dallas Cowboys:
    Ed "Too Tall" Jones 1984 Topps#242 (Black Auto)
    Eugene Lockhart 1989 Topps #388 (Black Auto)
    Eugene Lockhart 1990 Score #402 (Black Auto)
    Eugene Lockhart 1991 UD #259 (Black Auto)
    Danny Noonan 1991 Bowman #121 (Black Auto) Herschel Walker 1989 Topps #385 (Blue Auto)

    Denver Broncos:
    Bobby Humphrey 1989 Topps Traded #113T (Black Auto)
    Bobby Humphrey 1990 Score #85 (Black Auto)
    Bobby Humphrey 1990 Score Ground Force #324 (Black Auto)
    Bobby Humphrey 1991 Stars and Stripes #17 (Black Auto)
    Keith Kartz 1991 Fleer #49 (Black Auto)
    Keith Kartz 1992 Fleer #98 (Black Auto)
    Dennis Smith 1990 Score #92 (Blue Auto)
    Dennis Smith 1991 Stadium Club #270 (Blue Auto)
    Dennis Smith 1991 Ultra #41 (Blue Auto)
    Dennis Smith 1991 UD #498 (Blue Auto)
    David Treadwell 1993 Score #278 (Blue Auto)
    Detroit Lions:
    Jim Arnold 1990 Score #216 (Black Auto
    Jim Arnold 1991 Fleer #239 (Black Auto)
    Ray Crockett 1992 All World #244 (Black Auto)
    Dennis Gibson 1988 Topps #380 (Black Auto)

    GreenBay Packers:
    Phillip Epps 1989 Score Speedburner #315 (Black Ink Pen)
    Tony Mandarich 1991 Stadium Club #177 (Black Auto)
    Tony Mandarich 1991 UD #232 (Black Auto)
    Sterling Sharpe 1991 Stadium Club #79 (Black Auto)

    Houston Oilers:
    Ray Childress 1992 All World #105 (Blue Auto)
    Ernest Givens 1991 Stadium Club #389 (Blue Auto)
    Johnny Meads 1991 Ultra #52 (Black Auto)
    Johnny Meads 1991 UD #660 (Blue Auto)
    Mike Rozier 1989 ProSet #152 (Blue Auto)
    Mike Rozier 1990 Score #441 (Blue Auto)

    Ind. Colts:
    Duane Bickett 1989 Topps #208 (Blue Auto)
    Duane Bickett 1990 Score #23 (Blue Auto)
    Duane Bickett 1991 UD #177 (Blue Auto)
    George Kunz 1979 Topps #458 (Blue Auto)

    Kansas City Chiefs:
    John Alt 1990 Fleer #197 (Black Auto)
    Albert Lewis 1986 Topps #312 (Black Auto)
    Bill Maas 1989 Topps #354 (Black Auto)

    Miami Dolphins:
    A.J. Duhe 1979 Topps #162 (Blue Auto)
    A.J. Duhe 1985 Topps #309 (Blue Auto)
    Jim Jensen 1991 ProSet #564 (Black Auto)
    Louis Oliver 1991 Score Crunch Crew #652 (Black Auto)
    Louis Oliver 1993 Score 90 Plus Club #422 (Black Auto)
    Scott Schwedes 1989 Topps #297 (Blue Auto)

    Minnesota Vikings:
    Tim Irwin 1990 Score #493 (Black Auto)
    Kirk Lowdermilk 1989 ProSet #234 (Black Auto)
    Scott Studwell 1989 ProSet #240 (Purple Auto)
    Scott Studwell 1989 Topps #89 (Purple Auto) Herschel Walker 1990 Score Ground Force #561 (Blue Auto)

    New England Patriots:
    Rich Camarillo 1983 Topps #327 (Blue Auto) Marv Cook 1993 Score#212 (Black Auto)
    Tom Hodson 1991 Bowman #334 (Black Auto
    Tom Hodson 1991 Stadium Club #302 (Black Auto)
    Tom Hodson 1991 Ultra #96 (Black Auto)
    Tom Hodson 1991 UD #480 (Black Auto) Eugene Lockhart 1992 All World #197 (Black Auto)
    Johnny Rembert 1989 Topps #200 (Blue Auto)
    Johnny Rembert 1991 UD #548 (Blue Auto)
    Jason Staurovsky 1990 Score #414 (Black Auto)

    New Orleans Saints:
    Renaldo Turnball 1990 Score "The class of 1990" #615 (Black Auto)
    Renaldo Turnball 1991 UD #234 (Black Auto)

    New York Giants:
    Erik Howard 1992 All World #128 (Black Auto)
    Erik Howard 1991 Score #408 (Black Auto)
    Sean Landeta 1989 Topps Traded #100T (Black Auto)
    Sean Landeta 1990 Score #175 (Black Auto)
    Sean Landeta 1991 Stadium Club #181 (Black Auto)
    Sean Landeta 1991 UD #288 (Black Auto)
    Phil Simms 1994 Pinnacle #5 (Blue Auto)
    New York Jets;
    Pat Leahy 1985 Topps #342 (Black Auto)
    Marty Lyons 1983 Topps #347 (Black Auto)
    Marty Lyons 1989 Topps #229 (Black Auto)

    Oakland Raiders:(Gone)

    Philadelphia Eagles:
    Bill Bergey 1980 Topps #480 (Black Auto)
    Bill Bergey 1981 Topps #250 (Black Auto)
    Buddy Ryan 1990 ProSet #253 (Black Auto)

    Pittsburgh Steelers: Chris Calloway 1991 Fleer #157 (Black Auto)
    Tunch Ilkin 1990 Score #275 (Black Auto)

    San Diego Chargers:
    Mark Malone 1989 Score #70 (Black Auto)
    Ralf Mojsiejenko 1989 ProSet #364 (Black Auto)

    San Francisco 49ers:
    Randy Cross 1985 Topps #152 (Blue Auto)
    Tom Rathman 1991 Stadium Club #296 (Black Auto)
    Tom Rathman 1991 UD #103 (Black Auto)

    Seattle Seahawks:
    Dan McGwire 1993 Ultra #455 (Blue Auto)
    Rick Mirer 1995 Pinnacle Quarterbacks Club Collection #165 (Blue Auto)
    David Wyman 1989 ProSet #407 (Black Auto)
    David Wyman 1992 All World #189 (Black Auto)

    St. Louis/ Los Angeles Rams:
    Doug Smith 1989 Topps #133 (Black Auto)
    Doug Smith 1991 ProSet Pro Bowl #418 (Black Auto)
    Doug Smith 1990 Score #426 (Black Auto)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers;
    Paul Gruber 1993 ProSet Power #74 (Black Auto)

    Washington Redskins:
    Earnest Byner 1989 ProSet #480 (Black Auto)
    Earnest Byner 1991 UD Team MVP #478 (Black Auto)
    Ralf Mojsiejenko 1989 Topps Traded #112T (Black Auto)
    Tracy Rocker 1989 Score RC #253 (Black Auto)
    Tracy Rocker 1990 Score #550 (Black Auto)

    College Uniforms:
    John Cappelletti 2005 Topps All-American #41 (Black Auto)
    Tim Grunhard 1990 Score #646 Notre Dame (Black Auto)
    George Kunz 1990 Notre Dame #7 (Blue Auto)
    Dan McGwire 1991 Stadium Club RC #272 San Diego St. (Blue Auto)
    Dan McGwire 1991 Ultra RC#289 San Diego St. (Blue Auto)
    Tracy Rocker 1989 ProSet RC#540 Clemson (Black Auto)

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    will trade all of these autographed football cards for a completely original Photoshop non-sports template design, front and back..I wish to have complete ownership of the design and the file sent to me so i may tweak it or add images when needed. must be saved in 300 dpi and cmyk color for printing requirements. If interested, show me some of your work and we will go from there. Thanks kindly! If chosen, we can set this up as a trade, if permitted to do so.
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    I came up with a name for the trading card line... Reed "Definitive Ink"
    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
    I collect Jack Lambert, Too Tall Jones, Lebron James, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Hofers
    I'm the proud owner of REED Authentics

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    My Derek Jeter Art Piece, " Captain On Deck".

    Lebron James Art Piece, " Champion".

    Robert Griffin III Art Piece, " D.C. Savior".

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    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
    I collect Jack Lambert, Too Tall Jones, Lebron James, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Hofers
    I'm the proud owner of REED Authentics

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