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    05 Rookie auto list, need some help!

    Hey, thanks for your help so far, but I still need autos of these rookies. I have paypal, or maybe we can trade (football, baseball or Basketball)

    Cards can be from any set except Sage/Press Pass.

    Looking for:
    Aaron Rodgers
    Charlie Frye
    Matt Jones
    Troy Williamson
    Andrew Walter
    Derrick Johnson
    Terrance Murphy
    David Pollack
    Fabian Washington
    Mark bradley


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    i have a sp authentic andrew walter 2-3 colors on ebay make an offer i can possibly pull it

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    atrain, thanks but I acually already had an Sp Auto Patch of him, and got $70 for it! Just looking for a low end auto of Walter.

    Anyone else????

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    hey, i have this incoming:
    2005 Leaf Limited Phenom CHARLIE FRYE 2clr Patch /Auto #/100 i'd do $39 dlvd

    plmk. also, if you're interested in this one, we could wait until it comes in and i'll send it out with your gore auto and i could do like $37 dlvd? plmk thanks a lot

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    Thanks guys, I will get back to both of you later on, I'm about to leave work!!

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    check my list have Williamson and Murphy autos.

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    i have a fason pristine auto refractor.

    like these

    c.crawford auto
    csonka auto
    harden auto
    gooden auto

    also, see my sig to see for things i'm really looking for.

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    Atrain-probably too rich for me right now for contenders, those things are selling too well.

    Skins- sent a pm

    bilsd- interested in Murphy, are you selling or who do you collect.

    gretzky- I actually just picked up a Fason off Ebay, but thanks!!

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    would like to sell of course bv is $12 sell $4. if trading would just have to see a list, not looking for anythign in particular.

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