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Thread: Breaking Up My WCW Auto Set

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    Breaking Up My WCW Auto Set

    Just sold the rarest piece in the collection, Hardcore Hak. Figured I would start putting money into savings. I am not looking to undersell myself on these. It took me a lot of time and money to put them all together.

    Alex Wright $250
    Jimmy Hart $100
    Konnan $75
    Lenny Lane $75
    Lizmark Jr. $75
    Scott Norton $50
    Kaz Hayashi $50
    Larry Zbyszko $40
    Lodi $45
    Norman Smiley $40
    Prince Iaukea $35
    Sonny Onoo signed on back $45
    Super Calo $35
    Tony Schiavone $45
    Tough Tom $35
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    Collecting John Wallace

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    I would be interested in the Eddie guerrero and the jimmy hart
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    Quote Originally Posted by impactwrestling View Post
    yea good luck with all that
    Not sure of that was sarcasm or not but thanks either way
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    Collecting John Wallace

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    I am not going to hound you for your Sting autograph, but if you decide to sell it I am looking to buy it.

    -Robert Lewis
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    autograph, & memorabilia cards!!!

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    little bit of both i guess lol

    interested in the sting, but not buying multiples to get it

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    Sting isnt for sale anyway. And if you wanna complain please keep it to yourself and dont post. This isnt blowout forums
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    Collecting John Wallace

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    pm price pls:

    Group A
    Eddie Guerrero
    Miss Elizabeth

    Group B
    Kimberly diamond variant

    Group C
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    My name is Tom, I always use dc, padded envelope please do the same. I go by current bv not feebay sv. I have a card shop that I get things for my customers. I ship mainly on Friday and Saturday.

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