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Thread: Bought some boxes.......

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    Bought some boxes.......

    I bought two boxes of Basketball 04-05 Upperdeck Black Diamond online (not ebay) for $35 each and $7 shipping, so $77 DLVD.

    Did I get a good deal?

    Have any of you opened any of this product, if so, what did you get?

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    I opened about 3 of those boxes and got nothin but junk, hope you do a little better

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    Hope so...wish me you remember what autos you got?

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    some die-cuts some RC's, the most notable being Luol Deng #/25, some jerseys the best bein prbably bein Yao, and a couple autos only one I remember was carlos boozer

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    I bought 1 box last year and got a lebron jersey. GL on your boxes.

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