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Thread: Question About Steve Young

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    FYI, I tried sending him a McFarlane base and it got refused. He sent back a cheap Score card signed.

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    I have his McFarlane base as well. I plan on getting it signed in person since I use paint pens on them.

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    Just thought I would update this thread saying that I received my 8x10 signed. Thanks to all for your help! I am very glad to see this back.

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    I got him about 2 years ago for $5. There's some question as to their legitimacy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    I got him about 2 years ago for $5. There's some question as to their legitimacy.
    I saw some mention this but for $5 I felt it was worth the chance.

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    I don't quesiton their legitimacy. They are accepting donations for the autographs and secondly, while the autographs do not have major variances, they definitely are not autopenned as I used photoshop to overlay autographs on cards from the past several years on here and SCN and found no duplicates.

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    I agree with DeadHorse. After I got mine I compared it to photos that others received and could see slight variations. That's not to say someone other than Steve Young signed it, but it being a charity donation makes me feel like it's real. That would be bad press if people found out they were fake.

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