This is from an email sent to me by my uncle. And it's true. And it pisses me off to no end.

I have been busy with other things and didn't have time to clean up
my computer, now I did at dawn mind you. Things are OK but cold.
Saturday I drove the Limosine to the airport to pick up a football player staying the weekend with my boss. I waited a long while at the zero level ( Limo ) parking then a tall slender man jumps in the limo he's black with hands that wrap around you and said good evening, I said goodevening to you who are you? He said Jerry Rice, and I replied and I am Hani, what are you doing in my limo?
He replies aren't you from the Mirage Hotel? No I am a privately owned limo, you mut be thinking of someone else.He apologieses and gets out and asked again if I knew him. No I said why are you famous he says yeah do you watch football? never have I replied but I am picking up a footballer he says that's me, what team are you with? he says what's the difference you said you no nothing of football. I know I saud but they told me the man I am picking up is with the baltimores and his name is Mussa.
As he's leaving he said I should watch him on TV. later on Mussa
tells me Rice was a 49er and he switched to the LA Raiders. Now be honest,
isn't all this mambo jambo confusing? 49ers Baltimores, Raiders, Rice Mussa
<expletive deleted> to much <expletive deleted> to remember.

I MEAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? I'm so frustrated.

Mussa = Musa Smith, in case anyone was wondering.