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Thread: New Platinum break.

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    New Platinum break.

    Always looking for 1999 & 2012 Hard Hats, Von Miller, Osweiler, Manning, and Trent Richardson. :)

    xfractor rcs:
    Nick Toon
    Justin Blackmon
    Ashlon Jefery
    LaMichael James
    Lamarr Miller
    Ronnie Hillman
    Matt Kalil

    base rcs:

    Robert Griffin III (only availible for Von Miller)
    Jarius Wright
    Dwayne Allen
    Luke Keuchley
    Lamarr Miller
    Nick FOles
    Chris Raney
    Kirk Cousins
    Ruben Randle
    Aj Jenkins
    Doug Martin
    Mohamed Sanu
    Robert Turbin
    Marvin McNutt
    Tj Graham
    Luke Keuchley
    Lamarr Miller
    Michael Egnew
    Michael Floyd

    Die Cut rc:

    Kendall Wright
    Brian Quick

    Red Vet parallel:
    Darren Sproles
    Cam Newton

    Base auto
    Cyrus Gray

    Blue auto /99
    Devon Still 70/99

    Blue rc /99
    Coby Fleener 99/99
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    Cmb for the blackmon and foles please
    COLLECTING:Carson Wentz*Zach Ertz*Jordan matthews*Wendell Smallwood* Always looking for cards #/50 or less does not have to be Eagles players!!Be sure to check out my Ebay store & COMC Store!!
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    Hey Pat!! NICE Break My Friend!!! I Still Haven't Heard Back From That Trader So LMK If Ya Would Sell Me That Luck Orange RC I Was Wanting. If I Happen To Hear Back From That Trader I'll Give Ya A Shout.

    Thanks, John

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUNEJUNES View Post
    Cmb for the blackmon and foles please
    Sorry, didnt see anything I had to have, thanks for the look though!

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    Hey Pat!! Sent Ya A PM Back My Friend & Would Do That Trade Ya Proposed. The $10 For The Luck Orange RC. Post Us Up A Trade.

    Thanks, John

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    Got it posted up John, thanks and enjoy, its a beautiful card! :)

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    Hey Pat!! Can't Wait To See That Luck. Also "THANKS" Again For Another Great Trade!!! I See You Collect Dale Jr. Are You Looking For Insert's Of His Also. I Probably Have A Nice Stack Of His Card's.


    Thanks, John

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    Bump it up, added a blaster of Platinum to the list

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    Hey Pat!! Read My Post Above & LMK.

    Thanks, John

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    Randle/Claiborne orange, Jenkins SP
    I can offer do 7 for the lot dlvd PWE.

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