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    I have a lot of nice autos on my tradelist. Check it out and let me know if anybody wants to trade or buy any of them. I am looking for autos of Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Clinton Portis, or Brett Favre.

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    i would trade almost anything on my list for this
    Mike Singletary 05 Leaf Limited-Limited Threads 3color jersey/auto #'d 28/50

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    hi. what kind of bv are you looking for on this?
    Antrel Rolle/Pacman Jones 05 Topps Pristine Dual Auto #'d 1/5
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    I am looking for autos of Vick, Favre, or Roethlisberger but those will book a lot more than the Singletary but I would also take autos of Chad Johnson or Portis.

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    I think that the Rolle/Pacman auto would book at least at $125 cause it's numbered out of 5.

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    Alright, let me know if you get any in. I should have the Singletary for a while.

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    i LOVE the rolle/pacman, but i got nothing in that bv range. thanks anyways, necron 9d9

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