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Thread: can this happen

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    can this happen

    if someone has a dual auto and one of the players is great and the other is eh okay will the value of the card go down?

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    Are you talking about cards? If you're talking about cards, I don't think that can happen. Especially since dual & triple autograph cards are usually short-printed in comparison to normal autograph cards.

    If you're talking about memorabilia (e.g. a football), it works out that the item is often times more collectible with a single signature on it.

    PS. On our trade: My car is on the fritz, so I can't make it to the post office til tomorrow. Gotta take the car to the shop. FYI.
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    Say all things are equal though. Same set, etc.

    Walter Payton auto/25
    Walter Payton/Rashan Salaam dual auto /25

    I would guess a solo Payton autograph would be a little more desirable.
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    Rashaan Salaam is a Heisman Trophy winner..can't take that away from him

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    I would rather have the Payton by itself in this case.

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    The only place you MAY lose value is trading. It will not decrease sell value because it has a walter payton auto on it.. And with the super high end players I dont think it can lose value IMHO.


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