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    UD Glass Box Break: LeChuck Vs. LeChuck's Brother

    My brother and I both bought a box of UD Glass. The following is a step by step breakdown of the box openings.

    I let my brother choose between the boxes because last time we both bought boxes together (Topps Jersey Edition) I chose first and he got the better of the two boxes (as he usually does). So I made him choose, therefore leaving the fate of what cards I got out of my hands. Anyway, we both grab our boxes and promptly remove the plastic wrappings, separating the box topper from the three mini boxes. We crack various bones in preparation for some intense pack opening and begin.

    Round 1: The Box Topper

    I open my box topper and immediately notice the autograph. Delicious. I turn the giant piece of glass over and find Kenyon Martin. Excellent. I notice my brother is perplexed at the giant card he pulls out, as it's covered by this white papery thing. I tell him I have no idea what that is, nor how to get it off. He turns it over to find Darius Miles. He looks disappointed, so I try to reassure him by telling him it could be good trade bait on the forums. Secretly, however, I am giggly. Perhaps I will get the better of the boxes this time around. Winner: LeChuck.

    Round 2: 1st Mini-Box

    Okay, let's just get to the nitty-gritty because I'm sure no one cares about what regular cards we pulled. We both open our packs at the same rate, and come across our first plexi-glass card. I notice mine has the stupid papery thing. I turn it over to find that it's Caron Butler's RC. I check the Beckett. $50. Nice. I ask what my brother got and he shows me the back of an Allen Iverson Clear Winners card. I tell him who I got, to which he preceded to call me several unkind names. We continue and both pull our Jersey card. I pull a Darius Miles Game Gear Jersey. I would be disappointed if I weren't still goofy from pulling the Butler RC. My brother shows me a Steve Francis VIP Access 2-color Jersey. Nice, but not enough to overcome the Butler RC. Winner: LeChuck.

    Round 3: 2nd Mini-Box

    Packs are once again opened at a fiendish rate. I pull my second plexi-glass card, a Ray Allen Clear Winners card. Eh. My brother pulls a Smush Parker Plexi-glass RC. Eh. I pull my second Jersey card, a VIP Access Jay Williams card. Being from Chicago, I would have been extremely happy to pull this card had he not wrapped himself around a pole with his motorcycle. Now it's an "eh" card. My brother pulls a Rashard Lewis Game Gear. We both conclude that the second boxes suck. Losers: Both of us.

    Round 3: 3rd Mini-box

    All right. This is our last chance to pull a Jordan memorabilia card. I pull a Paul Pierce Clear Winners card. Crap. (no offense to Mr. Pierce) My brother pulls his glass card and gets a much better Pierce card, the Auto Focus kind. Now it's my turn for the unkind words. At this point I figure I'm leading slightly in overall value of cards, but it most likely is going to come down to the last jersey card. I pull mine and it's a Get Real! Jason Kidd jersey. I figure that should be good enough to beat my brother provided he doesn't pull anything exceptional. He pulls his and... what the crap... a frickin' Kobe Bryant Get Real! Jersey. $#*%&#)! Once again I have lost. Stupid... clutch... card puller. I congratulate him the nice card and vow to beat him next time. Winner: LeChuck's Brother.

    Overall winner: Unfortuanately, for me, Lechuck's Brother. But I still made some good pulls, just not as good as him. As far as I know, all of the cards he pulled will most likely be tradable. I'll probably hold on to the Butler RC and maybe the Martin Auto. I might trade it for an Eddy Curry Auto. Anyway, thanks for reading. And we figured out what the papery stuff was so don't bother telling us. :D

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    I like the way you broke that down, nicely done...UD Glass is pretty nice stuff, I think those plexicards are extremely cool...and, I know what you mean about Jay Williams. I got his # to 250 RC in my box, and I don't really know what to do with it now...

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    Well he could make a miraculous comeback, you never know. I'm holding on to most of his cards if he does, but I'm not actively pursuing them anymore. And I'm making a mad dash for Jamal Crawford cards.

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    AHH MAN! i REEEEAAALLLLY need the kmart! is there a chance its for trade?

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    I'd trade it, but it would have to be for a good card of Eddy Curry, Tyson Chandler, or Jamal Crawford.

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    It must be nice to have someone to compete with when you are buying boxes. All I know is that when I purchased a box of UD Glass, all I could do was sit alone in my own pain with no one to cry on because it wasn't a very good break.

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    Thanks for the info LeChuck! Nice post. 100 CC. ;)


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    your bro got very lucky, he pulled some very nice be all over him for that pierce, but luckily i have it

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