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Thread: Contenders qb autos

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    Contenders qb autos

    Anyone selling or trading any contenders qb autos? If so let me know what you have and what you are asking for it. Not looking to pay more than eBay prices. Please provide scans or link to card/cards. Thanks

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    have a TJ yates contenders can do 9.50Dlvd on it

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    I noticed you had a gabbert on your trade list also. How much for the Yates and the gabbert?

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    dont really wanna sell that gabbert...would sell the prime but not the a fan of him and blackmon this year...

    lmk what you wanna do with the yates or anything else on there you may have seen

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    Sorry i haven't gotten back to you sooner. Been really busy with work and the kids. I'll pass on the Yates. Have a good day

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