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Thread: Paypal to spend

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    Paypal to spend

    Well I couldn't find anything on ebay that really interested me and I'm looking to spend some money. How much will be determined by what is offered, but it probably won't top $40-50. Send any lists you have, but I'm most interested in the following:

    Frank Thomas
    #'d HOFers
    Kyle Davies
    Brain McCann
    Tadahito Iguchi
    Mark Buerhle

    LMK what you have.

  2. Kronozio
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    I got the Iguchi for Bowman best numbered to something. lmk

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    i have a brian mccann bowman encased silver rc #d/299
    it sells for about $15-20
    I can do $14 dlvd on it.
    I also have an 05 absolute update frank thomas auto #d/25. not sure what to sell that at

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    JonoBono: I would be interested in the Iguchi...what do you want for it?

    Kingpin: How much for these?

    Frank Thomas - 2001 Donruss Production Line #PL48 #0646/1061 (BV $6)
    Frank Thomas - 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man Lumber Yard #LY13 (BV $15)

    Wavescrashing: I'll pass on the McCann. I might be interested in the Thomas auto depending on how much you are looking to get.

    Thanks for the replies guys...anyone else?

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    aekdb-the thomas doesn't book ,but has been estimated at $80-100 so i can let it go for $48 dlvd

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    kingpin: PM sent back

    wavescrashing: Where did you get the estimate from? No it doesn't book, but according to the chart in the back of Beckett, a Frank Thomas auto as he is an unlisted star, can be expected to book for $20-$50 for cards that are from #'d from 20-35. So really the card books somewhere around $40-$50. But in the end it's all just a guide and anyone can set a price for their cards that they want. If you want to come down on the price lmk, but I'll pass at $48.

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