Here is a list of the Grossman cards I have... If anyone has a Grossman I don't have, let me know what it is and what you want for it... I have a HUGE trade list...You say who you are looking for, I'll post the list.... My Grossman Cards:

Playoff Prestige
Playoff Prestige Xtra Points # 08/25
Press Pass Paydirt
Press Pass Prime Time
Press Pass Reflector Proof # 018/100
Press Pass Reflector # 067/500
Press Pass Red Torquers
Press Pass Base
Press Pass Big Numbers
Press Pass JE Base
Press Pass JE Retail Base
Press Pass JE Class of 2003
Press Pass JE Old School
Press Pass JE Rookie Vision
Sage Platinum Level Autograph # 2/20
Sage Autograph # 233/395
Sage Jersey (Blue) # 26/99
Sage Hit Base
Sage Hit Class of 2003 Emerald
Sage Hit Gold Autograph # 156/250
Sage Hit Jersey (Blue)
Sage Hit Premium Jersey (Blue/Orange) # 6/50
Sage Hit Class of 2003 Autograph # 99/100
Sage Hit Silver Autograph
Sage Hit Write Stuff
Sage Hit Write Stuff Autograph # 18/25
Fleer Platinum
Ultra Head of the Class # 217/599
Ultra Gold Medallion
Topps All American Foil
Score Card # 290/500
Fleer Authentics Club Box # 028/100