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    Exquisite AK-47 auto patch, Wade auto FS

    Would like paypal
    05 Exquisite Andrei Kirilenko Auto Patch $80 very cool looking card

    Will Sell $30 DLVD

    03/04 Melo RC auto $100

    Will sell $42 DLVD

    04/04 Hardcourts Dwayne Wade auto last one sold for $74

    Will sell $62 DLVD
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    Hardcourts Dwayne Wade auto ... is it the 04/05 bv 80? if it is ill give you 45dlvd im about to go on a trip ill answer you on monday. but lmk .

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    Sorry man, like I said, it just sold for $74, I'm not going to sell it for less than what I paid for it.

    Never mind I'll sell on Ebay as usual!!

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    i cant use any of those but i saw this on your photobucket:
    ultimate game patch peja stojackovic
    check my site and lmk

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    Hey guys sorry, the Melo is Authentix, Bears, I'll look and let you know.

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    Bears I like the 05 Fitzpatrick Auto, whats the BV?? I can't remember offhand what the Peja is.

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    hey i could use the melo patch on your site, check my list please!
    looking for all melo and warrick
    Need!!!!! 06-07 Finest BLUE AND GREEN REFRACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!
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