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    Cards & Photos For Sale...MLB Rookies, Stars, HOF, etc.

    Looking to sell the following signed cards and photos. Want to move most of this stuff pretty easily, so let me know. Please make offers. Only asking that ANY SALES UNDER $5 WILL BE MAILED IN PLAIN WHITE ENVELOPE. Not worth my money otherwise. Prefer gifted paypal on small purchases as well.

    Andrus Elvis 2006 TriStar Prospects Plus
    Andrus Elvis 2009 T206
    Andrus Elvis 2006 Just Minors
    Arrieta Jake 2008 TriStar Projections
    Arrieta Jake 2008 Bowman Draft
    Arrieta Jake 2008 TriStar Prospects Plus
    Arroyo Bronson 2004 Topps
    Aviles Mike 2009 A&G
    Bagwell Jeff 2001 Fleer Showcase Black
    Bailey Homer 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Banuelos Manny 2011 Bowman
    Bard Daniel 2004 UD USA Jersey Card
    Bard Daniel 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Barnes Matt 2010 Bowman Platinum USA
    Barnes Matt 2010 Topps USA
    Beckett Josh 2005 Turkey Red
    Bedard Erik 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Bell Josh 2008 TriStar Projections
    Bell Heath 2012 Gypsy Queen
    Bell Heath 2011 Topps Update
    Beltran Carlos 2006 Bowman
    Beltre Adrian 2004 Fleer Tradition
    Beltre Adrian 2005 Topps
    Blalock Hank 2002 Topps Prospect
    Braun Ryan 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Brown Dominic 2010 Bowman Draft
    Buchholz Clay 2006 Just Minors Black
    Buchholz Clay 2006 Greenville Drive
    Buchholz Clay 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox Black
    Buchholz Clay 2006 Portland Sea Dogs Black
    Buchholz Clay 2007 Bowman Draft Futures Game
    Buchholz Clay 2010 Allen & Ginter
    Buck John 2010 Topps Update
    Buehrle Mark 2005 Turkey Red
    Burks Ellis 2002 Topps Heritage
    Burnett AJ 2005 Topps Total Black
    Butler Billy 2006 Bowman
    Butler Billy 2006 Topps Update RC
    Byrd Marlon 2007 Goudey
    Cabrera Asdrubal 2006 Bowman Chrome
    Cabrera Miguel 2008 Allen & Ginter
    Cabrera Melky 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Cahill Trevor 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Cahill Trevor 2008 TriStar Projections
    Cahill Trevor 2009 T206
    Cahill Trevor 2009 Topps Unique
    Cain Matt 2006 Bowman
    Cain Matt 2002 Justifiable
    Chavez Eric 2005 Topps Total
    Clippard Tyler 2006 Eastern League All Stars
    Clippard Tyler 2011 Topps Update RC
    Contreras Jose 2004 UD
    Crawford Carl 2001 Gypsy Queen
    Crow Aaron 2011 Allen & Ginter
    Cuddyer Mike 2006 Fleer
    Davis Chris 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Davis Chris 2008 TriStar Projections
    Delgado Carlos 2006 Bowman
    Doubront Felix 2009 Portland Sea Dogs
    Doubront Felix 2010 Bowman Black
    Doubront Felix 2010 Bowman Chrome
    Doubront Felix 2010 Topps Update RC
    Duke Zack 2002 Just Minors
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2005 Topps Update RC Full name signature, Black
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2005 Bowman Heritage Variation A
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2005 Bowman Heritage Variation B
    Ellsbury Jacoby 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox Black
    Escobar Alcides 2010 T206
    Evans Dwight 1987 Donruss Diamond Kings
    Fidrych Mark 2005 Topps Pristine
    Fielder Prince 2008 Topps Heritage 'Baseball Thrills'
    Fielder Prince 2006 Bowman Heritage
    Fielder Prince 2012 Gypsy Queen
    Figgins Chone 2006 Topps Heritage
    Foulke Keith 2004 UD
    Foulke Keith 2001 Fleer Tradition
    Franceour Jeff 2005 Fleer Stars of Tomorrow Black
    Francis Jeff 2005 Allen & Ginter Black
    Garciaparra Nomar 2006 Bowman Heritage
    Giambi Jason 2003 UD Vintage Black
    Giambi Jason 2001 Fleer Tradition
    Glavine Tom 2005 Throwback Threads
    Gonzalez Gio 2012 Bowman
    Gordon Tom 1990 Fleer
    Gordon Alex 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Hamilton Josh 2008 Allen & Ginter
    Hamilton Josh 2008 SP Authentic
    Hansen Craig 2005 Justifiable
    Harden Rich 2002 Justifiable
    Hernandez Felix 2006 Bazooka
    Hochevar Luke 2007 UD National Card Day Giveaway
    Hughes Phil 2006 Eastern League All Stars Black
    Hughes Phil 2004 Topps RC
    Hughes Phil 2007 Allen & Ginter
    Hunter Torii 2007 Allen & Ginter
    Hunter Torii 2001 Fleer Tradition
    Ibanez Raul 2007 Allen & Ginter
    Iglesias Jose 2011 Bowman Brightest
    Iguchi Tadahito 2005 UD
    Jackson Austin 2008 Bowman
    Jackson Edwin 2008 UD
    Jenks Bobby 2007 Allen & Ginter
    Jennings Desmond 2010 Bowman Topps 100
    Jimenez Ubaldo 2007 UD RC
    Johnson Josh 2009 A&G
    Jones Adam 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Jordan Brian 2000 Fleer Gamers
    Jurrjens Jair 2005 Topps Update RC
    Jurrjens Jair 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Kalish Ryan 2008 Tristar Projections
    Kalish Ryan 2008 Playoff Contenders Black
    Kendrick Howie 2006 Bowman Draft
    Kennedy Ian 2007 Masterpieces
    Kinsler Ian 2005 Topps Rookie
    Kubel Jason 2005 Cracker Jack
    LaRoche Adam 2003 Topps 1st Year
    Lee Carlos 2003 Topps
    Leiter Al 2001 Topps
    Lester Jon 2004 Just Rookies
    Lester Jonathan 2010 Allen & Ginter Worlds Greatest Victory
    Lincecum Tim 2006 Justifiable
    Lind Adam 2004 Bowman Chrome
    Liriano Francisco 2002 Jusitifable
    Liriano Francisco 2007 Bowman
    Longoria Evan 2006 Bowman Heritage Prospect Black, Full sig
    Longoria Evan 2010 Allen & Ginter Artist
    Longoria Evan 2012 Topps Heritage
    Lowe Derek 2000 Paramount Smudged black
    Lowell Mike 2005 UD Game Winners Bat Chip card, black
    Lowell Mike 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Lowrie Jed 2004 USA Jersey Card
    Lowrie Jed 2005 Bowman Heritage
    Lowrie Jed 2005 Bowman Draft
    Markakis Nick 2006 Just Minors
    Masterson Justin 2006 Bowman
    Matthews Jr. Gary 2006 Fleer
    Maybin Cameron 2006 Bowman Heritage Prospect
    Maybin Cameron 2007 Bowman Draft
    McCann Brian 2006 Topps Black
    McCann Brian 2008 A&G
    McCutchen Andrew 2006 SAL Top Prospects
    Mccutchen Andrew 2007 Eastern League All Stars
    Mccutchen Andrew 2005 Bowman Heritage
    Middlebrooks Will 2010 Bowman Draft
    Mondesi Raul 2000 Victory
    Montero Miguel 2007 UD SPx RC
    Moore Matt 2011 Topps Heritage
    Morrison Logan 2010 Bowman Topps 100
    Morse Michael 2012 Bowman
    Moustakas Mike 2011 Bowman Platinum
    Moyer Jamie 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Moyer Jamie 2005 Topps
    Murphy David 2004 Topps Black
    Murphy David 2005 Topps Total Dual w/ Hanley Ramirez (signed), Black
    Mussina Mike 2005 Topps Total
    Napoli Mike 2006 UD
    Nathan Joe 2006 Topps
    Niemann Jeff 2011 Topps
    Niemann Jeff 2010 T206
    Okajima Hideki 2007 Allen & Ginter
    Ordonez Magglio 2006 Fleer
    Ortiz David 2009 A&G
    Palmer Jim 2005 UD Classics
    Papelbon Jonathan 2005 Portland Sea Dogs Black
    Papelbon Jonathan 2005 Bazooka
    Papelbon Jonathan 2006 Topps Red Sox Team Set Exclusive RC Black
    Park Chan Ho 2003 Topps
    Park Chan Ho 2003 Fleer Tradition
    Parker Jarrod 2008 TriStar Prospects Plus
    Pedroia Dustin 2005 UD SweetSpot Custom Card 2005 UD Sweetspot design w/ his photo & signature
    Pedroia Dustin 2004 Just Rookies
    Peralta Jhonny 2007 Fleer
    Peralta Jhonny 2008 Allen & Ginter
    Percival Troy 2009 Topps
    Perez Oliver 2005 Topps Total
    Pesky Johnny 2006 Allen & Ginter
    Phillips Brandon 2003 Topps Dual w/ Victor Martinez (unsigned)
    Phillips Brandon 2003 Bazooka
    Pierre Juan 2005 Turkey Red
    Pierzynski A.J 2003 Fleer Tradition
    Podsednik Scott 2005 Topps Total
    Porcello Rick 2010 T206
    Price David 2007 TriStar Prospects Plus
    Price David 2010 Allen & Ginter
    Price David 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Ramirez Hanley 2005 Portland Sea Dogs Full Rookie Signature
    Ramirez Hanley 2005 Topps Total Dual w/ David Murphy (signed), Black
    Ramirez Hanley 2003 Topps Full every letter signature
    Rasmus Colby 2005 Topps Update RC Black
    Reddick Josh 2009 T206
    Renteria Edgar 2005 Donruss Classics
    Revere Ben 2007 Just Minors
    Reyes Jose 2009 A&G
    Rice Jim 1981 Topps Coca Cola Black
    Rivera Mariano 2005 Topps Total
    Rivera Mariano 2000 Victory Black
    Rivera Mariano 2007 Fleer
    Rodney Fernando 2010 Topps
    Sabathia CC 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 Bowman
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2008 Topps
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2007 Fleer
    Saltalamacchia Jarrod 2010 Topps
    Samardzija Jeff 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Sanchez Anibal 2005 UD First Class Prospects
    Scioscia Mike 2002 Topps
    Sexson Richie 2006 Allen & Ginter
    Shoppach Kelly 2003 Topps 1st Year
    Sizemore Grady 2005 Fleer
    Snider Travis 2008 TriStar Projections
    Snider Travis 2006 Bowman Draft
    Street Huston 2004 Topps RC
    Stubbs Drew 2008 TriStar Projections
    Sweeney Ryan 2007 UD SPx
    Sweeney Ryan 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Tejada Miguel 2006 Allen & Ginter
    Thome Jim 2005 Turkey Red
    Torree Joe 2002 Topps
    Turner Jacob 2010 Topps Pro Debut
    Uggla Dan 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Uggla Dan 2012 Gypsy Queen
    Upton Justin 2008 Topps Target Exclusive Bubbled
    Varitek Jason 2005 Donruss
    Vaughn Mo 1992 Topps
    Venters Jonny 2011 Topps Update
    Venters Jonny 2010 Bowman Draft
    Venters Jonny 2010 Topps Update RC
    Verlander Justin 2005 Topps RC
    Volquez Edinson 2006 Topps
    Walker Neil 2005 Topps Update RC
    Walker Neil 2005 Bowman Heritage
    Walker Neil 2007 Eastern League All Stars
    Wang Chien Ming 2006 Bowman Draft Black
    Wang Chien Ming 2007 UD Masterpieces
    Washington Ron 2008 Allen & Ginter
    Weaver Jered 2006 Bowman Heritage Black
    Webb Brandon 2007 Bowman Heritage
    Wells Vernon 2002 Topps
    Wood Kerry 2002 Topps Authentix
    Wright David 2006 Topps Heritage
    Wright David 2005 UD
    Wright David 2002 Justifiable
    Youkilis Kevin 2006 UD SPx Bubbled
    Young Michael 2007 Topps Insert
    Zimmerman Ryan 2005 Topps Update RC
    Zimmerman Jordan 2007 Donruss Elite
    Zimmerman Ryan 2009 Allen & Ginter
    Zito Barry 2002 Topps Sporting News All Stars Smudged
    Zito Barry 2003 Topps Award Winner
    Zito Barry 2001 Fleer Tradition

    Ackley Dustin 4x6 Mariners
    Buchholz Clay 8x10 Red Sox No Hitter Comm. Black
    Crawford Carl 8x10 Red Sox
    Crow Aaron 4x6 Royals
    Fielder Prince 8x10 Tigers Photo w/ Miguel Cabrera (unsigned)
    Hamilton Josh 8x10 AL All Star Derby
    Hosmer Dustin 4x6 Royals
    Hosmer Eric 8x10 Royals
    Hughes Phil 8x10 Yankees
    Jackson Austin 8x10 Trenton Thunder
    Lowell Mike 8x10 Red Sox World Series MVP Black
    Martinez Pedro 16x20 Red Sox WSC Inscription
    Papelbon Jonathan 8x10 Red Sox Full name, Black
    Porcello Rick 8x10 Tigers
    Ramirez Hanley 5x7 Portland Sea Dogs
    Rizzo Anthony 4x6 Padres
    Tazawa Junichi 8x10 Red Sox
    Valentine Bobby 8x10 Red Sox Intro Presser

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    Interested into:
    David Price
    David Wright

    All cards


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    LMK your prices on these, thanks:
    Bard Daniel 2011 Gypsy Queen
    Buchholz Clay 2010 Allen & Ginter
    Garciaparra Nomar 2006 Bowman Heritage
    Iglesias Jose 2011 Bowman Brightest
    Ortiz David 2009 A&G

    Buchholz Clay 8x10 Red Sox No Hitter Comm. Black
    Martinez Pedro 16x20 Red Sox WSC Inscription

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortking98 View Post
    Any certs on any of them?
    They're all IP. If it means anything to you, I can give you references of graphing partners who can vouch my items are legitimate.

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