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Thread: New Card Idea...

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    New Card Idea...

    I was thinking of this...What if they made a GU (where going to use the Yankees as an example lol) card where they took 6 players from the past/retired who were on the yankees team and then they took 6 players from the present yankee team... They could be like any random 6 on each side or maybe like shortstop from 1923...Shortstop today...sorta thing... Just imagine pulling a Arod/Jeter/Sheffield/Matsui/Posada/Johnson then flipping it over and seeing Mantle/Ruth/Maris/Dimaggio/Gerhig/Berra...Now imagine if those were all autos.....Just a thought and a dream....


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    Or 6 on 6 Rivals



    Grove/Ted Williams/Foxx/Yastrzemski/Boggs/Fisk ( those were the best Sox Player I could find....)

    lol yes and I am a little bored but still that would be an awesome GU/Auto card to pull


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    hey bj bassist great idea but find me 12 padres you would like on 1 card or 12 mariners for that matter,you would have to stick to the teams that have storied histories yankees red sox cubs dodgers reds ,you get the idea i like the thought though take care spuds

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