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Thread: I have a question..

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    I have a question..

    Sorry,I'm relatively new to card collecting and I hope I don't sound too much like an idiot..

    anyway, I am trying to order some plastic top loading card holders off amazon. I need the ones that hold the thick relic cards, not the standard ones that regular base cards fit in.

    What are the "top loaders" that hold the mat relics,fighter worn, called? What size are they? I need to know so I order the correct ones.

    Thank you all! Love this site BTW.Some really good folks here!

    PS-Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category

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    Hey Chris, welcome to the Forums! It depends on how thick the cards are, most mats will fit in 79 - 108 point Top Loaders, but if you get the cage relics, or certain mats/triple relics, you will need 138 and for the cages, I have 197's

    Is there a reason your going through Amazon? Unsure of their prices but you may do better off looking around unless the top loaders are prime eligible for shipping

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    I'm using amazon because I don't have paypal =( . I just placed an order for a pack of 25 count 100 pt. top loaders. The total was $5.85 with free shipping.

    Thank for the reply! I really appreciate it. I did some research after I posted this thread and someone said one regular card is equivalent to 20 point. So basically I took 5 regular cards and stacked them up and it was about the same thickness as a mat relics I have, so I went ahead and ordered the 100 point.

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    Hey I'm relatively new myself, just started collecting again a few months afgo, you should be good with the 100pt, unless you have a super thick card that requires 130pt (like a UFC Finest Mat Relic Card), I buy both regular 35, and 100pt toploaders and I also buy 35,100, and 130pt of the magnetic snapon cases for my more valuable cards. Don't forgot to buy penny sleeves to go along with your toploaders, that's like a must, plus they are extremely cheap. You should definitely get a PayPal account soon since I have found way better deals on ebay for trading card supplies compared to Amazon, especially once you start buying screw on or magnet snap cases.

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    Great Advice Thecardbandit.I will definately get some penny sleeves as well.

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    If your still looking for more lmk I have a couple packs.

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    Check out The owner is a member of this site and has good prices on supplies and will do free shipping on any order if you let him know you're a member of this forum. I try to keep a pack of regular top holders, 75 point, 100ish point, and 130ish point on hand and that covers just about everything you'd need to protect. Also like everyone said, get tons of penny sleeves, regular and thick ones to put your cards in before you put them in a top loader. They're too cheap not to use.

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    Thanks Whoa2323..I checked out the jerseycoastcollectibles site..Nice stuff! I'll definitely order a few things from there,maybe some magnetic holders.

    Do you know of any other websites I can check out as well that sell individual MMA cards that take a regular credit/debit card and not paypal. I know sells some. Thanks for all the advice!

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    Bookmarked that site, wished I knew about it earlier, free shipping would save me a little bit of cash! Nice site too!

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