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Thread: Lockout

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    Will UD be releasing less products this year or holding off if the lockout goes for a while? I think this could really hurt prices of this years RC crop. Any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure but I hope the lockout helps kill off the possibility of redemptions somewhat. With the guys waiting for the CBA to be figured out, they could easily sign some sticker sheets or cards.
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    i hope to se rnh is allsvenskan i sweden :D kopitar is ready to play fore mora :D

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    Simply put, we don't know.

    That said, you have to think that if this thing drags out there will be some serious adjustments made by both UD and Panini. I have a hard time thinking that they'd go full-steam ahead with traditional releases that have the standard emphasis on rookie-driven content. With only the holdovers available for usage, and none of the 2012 draft class, products like Black Diamond would be dead in the water.

    Expect to see a reduction in the number of products made with a heavier emphasis on veterans and retired legends. Series such as Parkhurst Champions may be done again.
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    I assume the companies must have some form of lockout plan in place. I wouldn't mind seeing a re-introduction of the Masterpieces set or something of that ilk.

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    Expect more sets focused on retired / veteran stars... while some that still use rookies. I would think that Artifacts (as an example) wouldn't be hurt by this. It uses a combination of Rookie holdovers from last year, and redemption.

    If the lockout lasts into next year though, expect a much more limited list of releases.
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    I know it hit NBA hard with so few 11/12 products released and products like 11/12 limited with redemptions for 11/12 and 12/13 included seems a bit crazy to me.

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    Perhaps we'll see some better designed products then, like bringing back UD Legends and such, wonderful vards.

    As for redemptions, not sure what Ud is doing, here's one example: the Hagelin cup rc is a redemption, but at the same time I know several Swedes who has recently recieved back signed stuff in the mail from writing to him. So obviously he 1) WANTS to sign, and 2) he has TIME to sign. So what's up with that, UD hasn't had time to ask him?

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    I do remember that UD world set. I got one of those cards in a $1 Dollarama pack (Antropove on some Russian team).

    Does the company have to pay additional licensing costs to the IIHF or whomever to get those done?

    Btw didn't the last lockout kill off a bunch of hockey card companies? I'm hoping this one starts some of them up again.

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