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    Lightbulb 00 EX Jamal Lewis Essential Credentials Future RC #d 25/25

    I pulled this a couple of weeks ago, this card is in gem mint condition! i will get it graded if i dont get a good offer for it soon. It is #d 25 out of 25 on the back. BV is $125.

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    jamal lewis

    let me know if anything on my list will get it from you. E-mail me directly at

    Marcus Coleman RC Auto-96 proline Intense BV???
    Willie Howard-2001 Press Pass Auto-Bv$8
    Elvis Grbac-93 classics Auto BV$??
    Ricky Proehl-91 proline Auto-BV$8
    Marcus Nash Rookie AUTO-99 Skybox autographics BV$10
    Darnell McDonald rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV $15
    Jon Jansen Rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV$10
    Tee Martin Rookie AUTO-2000 SP Authentic(sign of the times #TM)BV$20
    Kevin Faulk Rookie Auto-(99 SP Authentic #KF-A) BV $20
    Chris Chambers-2001 Sage Hit Rookie AUTO(Die-Cut Foilboard #66/100) BV $50
    Edgerrin James Auto-2002 Donruss(Private Signings /27) Bv $80


    Drew Brees-2001 U.D. Vintage(Vintage Threads # DRVT)( 3-COLOR) BV $40 plus
    Brian Urlacher-2000 Black Diamond Jersey/RC #166 BV$50
    Kelly Holcomb RC-99 Pacific #417(Platinum Blue #35/75)BV $160
    David Carr RC-2002 Donruss Elite( Elite Status #39/92)Bv $60
    Michael Vick-2003 Fleer Authentix(Ticket Studs Jersey # TS-MV ) BV $50-60??
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Leaf Rookies+Stars(Dress for Success #DFS6 Jersey+Pants)BV $40
    Marshall Faulk/Issac Bruce_2002 Fleer hot Prospects(class of 94 #MF-IB)(#248/375)BV$40
    Marshall Faulk2001 Upper Deck(Memorable Materials #MM-MF)BV$30
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Upper Deck Graded(Graded Jerseys #MF)BV$25
    Marshall Faulk-2002 Fleer Authentix(Classic Memoralbilia-jersey #SCMF)BV $25
    Ricky Williams/Edgerrin James-2002 fleer Hot Pros.(class of 99 duel jerseys #EJ-RW) BV $25
    Shaun King- 99 Playoff Contenders SSD RC #1367/1825) BV $20
    Deuce Mcallister RC-2001 fleer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere jerseys #054/1825)BV $25
    Edgerrin James-2001 Leaf Certified Materials #FG51 44/63-BBV$40
    Andre Johnson RC-2003 Topps Draft Picks+Prospects #147(gold chrome refractor)BV$40
    Kurt Warner-2001-Playoff Prefferred(Prefferred Materials #250(#125/250)BV$40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Topps(Super Bowl Goal Posts #SBG2) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Fleer Premium(All Pro Team Jerseys)BV$20
    Chris Chambers-2001 fleer(rookie retro threads jersey #10)(2-COLOR)BV $30 Trade for $40
    Clinton Portis RC-2002 upper Deck honor Roll #107-#ed/1375)BV $20
    LaDainian Tomlinson RC- 2001 Fleer Glossy Rookie Mini’s #414(#197/350)Bv $20
    Hideo Nomo-2002 Upper Deck(Global Swatch #GHSN) jersey card BV$40
    Donovan Mcnabb-99 upper deck(highlight zone #Z17)Bv$30
    Chad Johnson/Rudi Johnson-2001 Fleer(rookie Retro Jerseys #51)Bv$25
    Chad Johnson2001-Feer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere post mark jersey)(# 1146/1875) BV$25
    Chris Weinke-2000 Pacific AUTO/RC #460(#0009/1000)BV$20
    Dennis Northcutt- 00 Leaf Limited RC Ball/Jersey (white)# 241 /500 BV$30
    Brett Favre-98 Metal Universe(TITANIUM #4 of 10) BV$25
    Hakeem Olajuwon-96 NBA topps stars #83(ATOMIC REFRACTOR)BV$30
    Peyton Manning-99 SP Authentic(Authentic Excitement #36AE)(#208/250)BV$36
    Peyton Manning-99 Playoff Prestige SSD #B152(Spectrum blue #230/500)BV$24
    Peyton Manning-2002 Topps Chrome #128(refractor #067/599)BV$20
    Ken Stabler-97 upper deck legends(big game hunters #B6) BV$20
    Thomas Jones RC -2000 Revolution #101-(#196/300) BV$20(ONLY 300 MADE)Bv$20

    Misc GU +/RC + inserts under $20

    Randy Moss-2002 Fleer Genuine(Names of the Game Jersey #RMNG) BV$15
    Priest Holmes-2002 Pacific(Game Worn Jerseys#16)BV$15
    Kevin Dyson-99 Leaf Certified #95(mirror Red) BV$10
    Peter Warrick-2002 upper deck XL(big time jersey BTPW #25/50)BV$18
    Fred Taylor-2002 Topps Gallery Jersey(original relic#GOFT)Bv$12
    David Carr RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #151 -BV$15
    Ladell Betts-2002 Bowmans Best RC/jersey #94-BV$10
    Josh Mccown RC-2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #140(1602/2002)BV$12
    Josh McCown-2002 Upper Deck Authentics(glory Bound Jersey #GBJJM)BV$10
    David Carr RC-2002 Upper Deck XL #502-BV$12
    David Carr Rc-2002 Playoff Prestige #151 BV$15
    Patrick Ramsey-2002 upper deck honor roll #RHRPR jersey-BV$15
    Germane crowell/howard/anderson-2002 crown royale(triple threads jerseys)BV$15
    Dennis Northcutt 2000 EX #115(1368/1500) BV$10
    Edgerrin James 99 Skybox Premium(SP version #222) BV$15
    Ike Hilliard-97 Topps Chrome #R161(refractor)BV$15
    Chris Redman-2000-EX #114(1343/1500)BV$15
    Fred Taylor-98 upper deck #8 BV$10
    Anthony Thomas-2001 upper deck #187 BV$12
    Thomas Jones-2000 EX #133(1025/1500)Bv$12
    Patrick Ramsey -2002 Upper deck honor Roll(rookie honor roll #RHR-RP) BV$12
    Charlie Batch-2001 fleer premium #78(star ruby #071/125)BV$10
    Charlie Batch-2001 Crown royale #50(Premiere date #14/99)Bv$12
    Charlie Batch 2000 pacific Omega #47(copper #38/51)BV$15
    Peyton Manning-99 Donruss Elite(field of vision #11a)(0039/1141)BV$12
    Brett Favre-99 fleer focus(wondrous #15 of20)Bv$10
    Brett Favre-99 SPX(prolifics #P13)BV$12
    Brett Fave-99 Ultra(Damage inc. # 1 of 15)BV$20
    Brett Favre-96 crash the game siver redemption #6-BV$10
    Dan Marino-99 donruss preferred(X-ponential power #5a of 10)(1549/2500)Bv$12
    Chad Pennington-2003 Playoff Prestige #101(Xtra Points Purple #049/100)BV$12
    Tom Brady-2002 fleer Platinum(inside the playbook #19)Bv$12

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    Edgerrin James Auto-2002 Donruss(Private Signings /27) Bv $80 is the only thing i see that i like. I would sell for $90 dlvd or trade for that James with $40. THanks

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    Too much for me. I dont know who buys at 75% book, but I have never been able to get that much or ever paid that much. And an $80 auto with $40 cash(cash is generally 2X trade value) would make it $160 for a $125 card. You would have to come down before i would trade for it.

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    srry, alrady been offered $85 for it in cash. I know i can get close or more on Ebay being the last one

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    Put it on E-bay if you are so sure, I will watch for it. I just saw a triple threads of Vick/Favre/Bledsoe that only 35 were made, sell for $125 and it is a $300 card. I personally do not think you would get much more than Half. i will be watching for it.

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    Originally posted by BASEBALLFAN80
    srry, alrady been offered $85 for it in cash. I know i can get close or more on Ebay being the last one

    If you were really offered that much for a card that books $125 why not jump on it. Lewis is not a great player like Rice or Emmitt or someone like that.
    If you were offered more than 1/2 book, take it and run. I know I would on a card like that.

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