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Thread: My rant

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    My rant

    I busted 4 boxes of Ultimate football and I got 2 "patch" cards # to 35 One of Curtis Martin and the other of Ricky Williams it looks like they forgot the patch. All I have is a piece of White in the hole. It ticks my off that can't even get 2 colors in a card # to 35. I think I will call UD about this later

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    What do you think UD will do for you? Gu and autos are not guaranteed in any box.I've got boxes with nothing and others (spx hockey) that was a hot box with auto jersy in every pack.Upper deck will listen to comments but as long as you continue to purchase there product they wont change a thing.Ultimate is that the 400 a box product? They will do replacements on cards that are damaged but otherwise complaining about not getting a 2 clr patch will only get laughs from them.

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    I would call UD about it forsure. You might have fun with them though.

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