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Thread: maybe sum1 can help me

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    maybe sum1 can help me

    i opened up some new UD Top Prospects (for some reason) and I got a Lebron James card. Now I dont know much about basketball but I've heard a lot about this kid and how good he is.
    Can someone give me an estimate on price because I don't think its out in the Beckett yet. Thanks!

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    a good gauge is Ebay --- look for the same card on ebay via a Search function..

    and see what they're selling for

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    I've seen quite a few sell for about $10 on eaby, but one is selling for only $3 at the moment with about 15 mins to go. Problem with this set is not many people consider them RC's like presspass etc

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    these cards arent RCs, and there are 3 of James in the baseset
    essentially, there are tons of those out there
    they wont be worth more than $10 in the Beckett, and could very well be worth a lot less

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    they're dying now since they arent NBA licensed cards and NBA licensed RCs are coming out of his

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