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    Trading for 2012 Topps 1965 Tall Boys.

    Im trying to complete the set. Please let me know if you have several to trade. CMB or leave your list. I have doubles ft as well as lots of other cards to help fill your sets. just ask... Im thinking at this point I would like to trade for at least 4 at a time per trade. Not looking to trade for one or two cards. I still need too many. lol. LMK. Thanks

    2012 Topps 1965 Tall Boys

    2 Brandon Jacobs
    7 Jeremy Maclin
    9 Nick Mangold
    12 Pat Angerer
    13 Fred Jackson
    23 Ed Reed
    24 DeSean Jackson
    29 Osi Umenyiora

    37 Devery Henderson
    44 Darrius Heyward Bey
    53 Darren Sproles
    57 Troy Polamalu
    59 Christian Ponder
    61 Greg Jennings
    62 Mark Sanchez
    64 Donald Brown
    70 Ray Rice

    72 Colt McCoy
    80 Larry Fitzgerald
    81 Greg Little
    87 Matt Schaub
    90 Ben Roethlisberger
    91 DeMarcus Ware
    92 Randall Cobb
    97 Aaron Hernandez
    100 Eli Manning
    101 Vernon Davis

    107 Heath Miller
    108 Victor Cruz
    109 Matthew Stafford
    114 Darren McFadden
    123 Santana Moss
    132 Robert Mathis
    139 Wes Welker
    140 Philip Rivers
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    have :
    and gabbert if you want a pink
    im looking for the bca or pink bordered base cards.
    ill check your bucket/list and send you a pm.

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    Hi I have these 4, Im interested in your 2011 Finest Von Miller refractor and the Osweiler green '57 reprint, lmk if you are interested in making a trade, thanks!

    #14 (Dalton)
    #55 (Bradford)
    #129 (Harvin)
    #137 (Gresham)
    Correa, K. Bryant, Arenado, T. Story, Jon Gray, Blackmon, Tyler Anderson, Syndergaard, Kyle Freeland, Senzatella, Jeff Hoffman, kershaw, bumgarner,Pence, posey, Trout, Harper, Yount, goldschmidt,, P. Manning , Elway, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Lindsey Vonn.
    I do NOT trade by BV, only by SV or common sense!

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    I'm also trying to put this set together, list is on my trade page. Let me know what dupes you have that I can use and let's talk about a trade. Thanks for your time.

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    Any doug martins or kellen moores? I have a bunch of the tall boys. lmk

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    I dont have any Doug Martin or kellen Moore. Other than just Topps Rookies

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    I have Maclin, Sproles, Polamalu, Ponder, and McFadden if you still need them

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    Quote Originally Posted by astro7 View Post
    I have Maclin, Sproles, Polamalu, Ponder, and McFadden if you still need them
    sure. I could use all 5 of those. I could also use these two from your bucket

    Kendall Wright Finest Moments
    Kendall Wright Elite Series

    what would you want for all 7 of those? lmk


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