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    98-99 UD Choice Partial Master Set!

    Have this available if anyone is interested:

    98-99 UD Choice Full Base Set 1-310
    98-99 UD Choice Choice Reserve Parallel Base Set 1-310
    Starquest Blue 1-30
    Starquest Green 1-30
    Starquest Red 1-30
    Bobbleheads 1-30

    and bonus, Erik Rasmussen Prime Choice Reserve /100

    Drop me a PM or post here

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    Hey Andrew

    Andrew Puckdaddy here , I never recieved any cards from u on that Choice Reserve trade, from about 5 months ago I wasnt really too worried because i hadnt been on the site and I didnt really send u anything of value but I just wanted u too know in case u sent something, im not mad either just lemme know no big deal anyway i have a sakic gold 93/100 but i need a red or could use it all, shoot me an e mail cuz i dont know if this is the proper place to discuss this again no worries just hit me up thanx

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