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Thread: looking for serial #ed

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    looking for serial #ed

    the bulk buy list makers say .07 or.08

    i say 12-16 cents, so pls lmk (thats double!!)

    also, i will trade gu for #ed if severley in my favor

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    I probably have 30-40 #'d cards I could let go. I'd prefer to trade though...could you define what severely in your favor would be? lmk if you have any interest

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    well do you have a list of GU for trade? If you do, could you pm it to me and I'll see if there is anything I'm interested in.

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    give me ur list and ill tell u what i can afford to give u
    also give me ur wants

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    well I haven't made a list yet, it would be easier if you had a list so I can see if you have anything I'd be interested. I'm not gonna spend my time making a list if you don't have anything for me. I'm most interested in White Sox and Braves, but willing to trade for most anything within reason.

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    well I don't need a Bruce Chen auto, but like i said, I would trade for anything within reason

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    what kind of bv are u looking for and trading

    ill trade gu but it must be 2x in my favor

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    I'll do 2x book if you have anything I'm interested in. I have #'d cards that range in value from $50 all the way to a couple bucks. I'm more or less looking for listed stars, unlisted stars, and semi-stars.

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