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Thread: Low End Trading - In You Favor

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    PM's Sent to All... Anyone else? How about some Game Time Trading!!
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!

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    What would you be looking for for the Urlacher's and Forte
    I don't do gift. Ever. It's not worth having my account shut down (again) for someone's 38 cents.

    Always looking for the following players - Calvin Johnson, Tomlinson, Fitz, AP, Patrick Peterson, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Floyd and LaMichael James, Eddie Lacy and Manti Te'o.

    Hoping to one day open a card store.

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    Love to get all of your Cowboys. I don't have much Pats Stuff. A bunch of Brady base and some other base players. Maybe a jersey or two. LMK if we can work something out and i will get a list together
    Working towards Cowboys Super Collector (lol) PSA Graded Dallas Cowboys over 600 700!!!!!

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    I need these:

    11 Gridiron Gear Gold Os Cecil Shorts III #/100
    12 Leaf Young Stars Nick Toon
    12 Topps Platinum Orange Refractors Nick Toon

    What do you want in return? I have a lot of #'d and inserts not in my bucket.

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    cmb for these

    07 Finest Blue Refractors Sidney Rice #/299
    07 Topps DPP Gold Refractors Sidney Rice #/25

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    PM's sent to all. Anyone else tonight.
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!

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    Interested in the Warren Moon Auto
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    Hidden Content Hidden Content IF YOU SMOKE PLEASE TELL ME Before Trading!!
    My Chris Henry by the numbers Items: 811 OWN: 423 52.2% MEM: 307 OWN: 152 49.5% AUTO: 395 OWN: 175 44.3% Ser #'d: 711 OWN: 343 48.2% RC: 38 OWN: 37 97.4% I TRADE BY BV. Hidden Content

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    Bump for the morning!
    Always looking for Patriots Jerseys/Autos!

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