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Thread: Michal Neuvirth collection

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    Michal Neuvirth collection

    168/323 [52.01%] - with 1/1s
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    2010 - 11

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    2011 - 12

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    2012 - 13

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    Personal Meetings
    3 years old photography. Our first meeting.

    With picture I painted for him.

    Detail of the picture.

    This year meeting in Prague on Sparta Praha.

    My signed helmet (by Michal Neuvirth and Jaromír Jágr).
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    Amazing collection so far! Washington has some great looking cards with their bright colors :)

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    Seriously impressive collection!
    Currently collecting Cody Eakin & Braden Holtby

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    That is an awesome collection! Keep up the great work! Hope you can find the V for the nameplate soon, I just completed my Hjalmarsson nameplate, great feeling to have it done.

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    Thank you all for nice words!
    I do little update in here. There are missing something about 20 other mem. card which are on top-loaders (I am waiting for magnetic holders, then I am going to post them here as well) and 10 this season cards (they will be posted later as well).
    If you have card/cards you dont see here PM me! I am glad for every offer! :)

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    Nice collection! I like that you store most of your cards in 9-pocket pages, that's also what I prefer myself. I think that the pictures you included of yourself with Neuvirth are very cool, I'd say even cooler than the cards themselves. It looks like you had some good times meeting him, and good job on the painting of him. I'm sure he appreciated the fan attention!

    Collecting Mask Cards

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    Awesome collection! Good luck for finding the missing cards! Nice painting by the way ;)
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    Big update!
    More then 20 cards added and unfortunatelly more then 20 cards still missing - beacause of huge number of new cards I wasnt able to afford new magnetic holders so there is still big number of missing mem. cards.
    Thanks to everyone who helps me with collection!
    If you have any other Neuvirth´s card you dont see here, let me know and also - comments are always welcomed!

    Interesting facts and cards:
    - windsore spitfires is almost normal card but in task of thickness it is the only oversized card
    - in pre-rc section are two cards personaly gifted and signed by Neuvirth - my first cards of Michal
    - there are two RC OPC Retro cards but one of it is rare blank back card
    - whole nameplate was collected in less then one years time
    - spgu /7 is second card like that I bought - first one was send without certificate and it means so much to me that I sold it for half of the price to my friend and luckily bought the second one exactly for those 50%

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