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    Should I sell Roethlisberger auto?

    I have an 04 Roethlisberger/P.Rivers dual auto. Should I sell it now, or hold onto it for another year and see what Rivers does?

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    Yeah, I would say sell it now. You should be able to get a Steelers fan to over pay for it.

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    I agree. Sell it it right now. It doesn't matter if Roethlisberger gets MVP next year he still won't be as hot as right now.

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    the only better time to sell it would be if the steelers win the super bowl.... besides that, there will be no time that he's hotter than now

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    Quote Originally Posted by justpete23
    How much are you looking for it?
    I actually put it up for trade in the High End section. LMK if interested.

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    Dan,My opnion is pretty much the same,When Steelers win I'd put that card up asap.And just watch the money be made...

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