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    Every week ill probably adding a new player and seeing how much of the guy I can get... most of these guys will have a very samll amount of cards as they probably wont be stars but these cards will hit my pc

    Ok this week Ill add three

    1. Mike Vanderjagt 0/37
    2. Mike Logan 0/5
    3. Barret Green 0/12 (all of his cards comne from 00)

    Previous PLayers:
    Coy Wire 1/22

    these players will be wants of mine for a month... so please make offers

    thanx so much

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    I have a 2003 score coy wire if you're interested. PM me if you are

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    ckretsqrl1 pm snet... ne one else have ne of the cards from these guys?

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    ok one more time lol... come on guys look through those commons and find some lol

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    I know I have a couple Vanderjagt... I'll find em and woudl you give me some CC?

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