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    looking for '05 zenith rc roll call jsys

    I am doin the rc roll call jsy set

    these r the 1's i have

    alex smith (qb)
    mark bradley
    s.lefors(incoming )
    ryan moats(incoming)
    troy williamson(incoming)
    frank gore(incoming)

    any help would be great

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    I've got the Carlos Rogers - looking to trade for Broncos.

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    Akcomic:I don't have any broncos stuff what else would you take?

    magicdonjaun:Didn't we discuss a trade before for something else,I'll trade you a chad owens bowmans best auto for the adam jones rc roll call jsy it would be in your favor by a few dollars plmk

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    Do you have a trade list? I might be willing to trade it for another '04 or '05 rookie jersey or auto, depending on the player.

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    Ive got the Mark Clayton if you need it...

    Im looking for other Mark CLayton cards and Ray Lewis cards as well...

    Or, if you have paypal...$5 its yours....


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    I really want that Cedric Cobbs game used auto that you have pats1fan. I have alot of cards that you want and you have alot that I want. I have most of the ud rookie prospects you want. I also have several numbered Brady's and a few other Pats cards that I just picked up. I will get you a list shortly.

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    magicdonjaun:i'll trade you a couple of the cobbs gu and an auto of him,I just got the spx auto/jsy of cobbs so i want to keep that 1 but i'll give you 3 gu and an auto for the cards i want from you plmk if you want to do that?.

    Raylewkillu52:I don't have any gu of mark clayton or paypal,what else do you collect?plmk,i only have low-end rc's of mark clayton

    Akcomic:I have a bowmans best chad owens auto bv$12 and a couple low-end m.clarrett rc's plmk if you are interested.

    Romulusvex:I only have low-end rc's of the bengals,sorry

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    Roscoe Parrish (blue) 05 Donruss Zenith Rookie Roll Call #RC-24
    Vincent Jackson (blue) 05 Donruss Zenith Rookie Roll Call #RC-29

    I have those 2 I have a want list on my web site.

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