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    FS: 2012 Topps Olympic Team Michael Phelps Gold Relic /25

    Hey guys. I'm going to try and sell this one last time before it goes up on eBay. I'm looking for $150 DLVD OBO. The card is in the same condition as I pulled it in, near-mint. If you do not like the price, please counter. I'm easy to work with, but please no low offers. All low offers will be ignored. Fair warning. I accept PayPal only at the moment.


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    Just letting everyone know that it is now on eBay (final resort). I am giving SCF members priority on here. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP!


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    I have a few watchers and people messaging me on eBay. If any SCF member wants this card, let me know ASAP. SCF has priority.

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