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Thread: Question about TTMs and Stamps

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    Question about TTMs and Stamps

    Ok so I've sent some TTM e-mail requests and have had some success. I have a few 8x10s that I'd like to mail out to players such as Dirk Nowitzki and Peyton Manning. My question is how do I find out the proper postage that I am supposed to use for my SASE as well as outside envelope that the SASE and 8x10 will be in? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Take it to the post office.Can can let you know what the price of sending and what the SASE will cost.
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    okay thank you. Will I have to bring it to the post office every time i am sending something out? Or will it be alright if i use the same postage for every 8x10 and SASE that i send?

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    Take it once, get it weighed, then, as long as you send them the same way each time, just use the same postage. I pack different 8x10s differently, and sometimes include a sharpie or pen, so I usually let the PO figure it out for me.
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