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    Upper Deck launches credit card program for trading cards

    Spending money could earn you more cards.

    Upper Deck has launched a program with the Dynamics ePlate Visa credit card to earn digital cards, which in turn can lead to exclusive cards in hand.

    When customers select the Upper Deck Experience, they will earn a digital trading card for every $10 spent using the Dynamics ePlate Visa card. The digital cards are instantly sent to your mobile phone.

    When an entire digital set is collected, customers will get a UD Infinite foil pack with randomly inserted autographs of athletes such as LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Joe Namath. Collectors can trade or buy digital cards to complete their set quicker.

    These cards are only available through the program.

    Click here for more information about the card:
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    I don't really mess with credit cards so I will pass. I am still interested in seeing if this type of idea will pan out.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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