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Thread: looking to trade

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  2. Kronozio
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    02 Stadium Club Born in the USA AJ Burnett Jsy
    What do you want to get for this one. I have Football, baseball, and basketball. My trade site is not updated so let me know what you are looking for.

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    04 UD Diamond Collection Dean's List Vladimir Guerrero Jsy w/stripe
    I think I need this one - do you ahve scan?
    Also, check my site for it.

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    im interseted in all of the nolan ryans that you have.

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    magic- i like your chauncey billups jsy for the burnet jsy.

    andrew- i dont have a scan, but i like this for it:
    2002-03 SPX Winning Materials Shawn Marion Warm-up/Shirt Dual GU

    plante-didnt see anything

    tyler- i responded to your thread, unless you have more cards, im not interested in anything on your site.

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    the billups jersey has been traded. My basketball page hasn't been updated recently. If you are looking for basketball game used I have Elton Brand, Luke Jackson, and Baron Davis. I have tons of 2005 basketball rookies also if you are looking for a particular player.

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    im interested in your shaq rookie tell me if you want any of my cards for it

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    magic-is the roy williams jsy the wr or the db?

    dilly-didnt see anything

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