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Thread: lots for FT/FS

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    lots for FT/FS

    i have the following cards for trade or for sale. I do not except payment as gift anymore. am looking for denver cards

    david little 1990 score
    ben roethlisberger topps 2010
    gary anderson 1990 score
    carnell lake 1990 score
    tunch ilkin 1990 score
    thomas everett 1990 score
    gerald williams 1991 pro set
    jeff granham 1991 pacific
    dan saleaumua 1995 pro line classic
    derrick alexander 2000 fleer ultra
    mike webster 1990 score
    walker lee ashley 1990 score
    kimble anders 1995 upper deck collectors choice
    kevin ross 1991 pro line portraits
    ronnie harmon 1990 pro set
    dan henning 1990 pro set
    lee williams 1990 score
    leslie o'neal 1990pro set
    keith hamilton 1995 upper deck
    cedric jones 1996 classic
    pepper johnson 1990 score
    danny kanell 1996 classic
    ike hilliard 1997 edge
    jim arnold 1990 score
    germane crowell 2001 topps
    jason haontti 1996 upper deck
    jerry ball 1990 pro set
    terance mathis 1998 ultra
    chris miller fleer 1991
    mike cofer 1989 topps
    scott mitchell upper deck collector's choice 1995
    james jones upper deck 1993
    tee martin hit 2000
    rashann salaam classic1995
    steve smith 2009 topps
    aaron rodgers season ticket 2008
    chris warren score 1995
    dermontti dowson 1993 score
    john l williams 1991 fleer ultra
    tom tupa 1990 pro set
    mike kenn 1990 score
    stump mitchell 1989 topps
    terrell fletcher 1995 classic
    donnell woolford 1995 collector's choice
    scott norwood 1990 pro set
    derrick thomas 1991 score
    emmitt smith 1991 pro set
    rick mirer 1998 edge
    donnell woolford 1994 pacific
    barry sanders 1991 pro set
    darren comeaux 1992 upper deck
    hall of fame photo contest first place 1990 pro set
    rich camarillo 1990 score
    eric parker 2007 topps total
    danny farmer 2000 hit
    kevin martin score 1994
    drew beers panini gridiron gear 2010
    todd collins 1995 classic
    nfl action highlight 1983 afc-nfc pro bowl 1983 fleercorp
    will wolford 1991 pro set
    cosey coleman 2000 hit
    henry jones 1993 score pinnacle
    dan marino pro line profiles 1993 classic
    matt hasselbeck 2007 upper deck
    keith mckeller 1990 pro set
    eric swann 1996 donruss
    webster slaughter 1988 topps
    nick lowery 1994 classic
    curtis conway 1996 upper deck
    billy williams 1995 classic
    reggie wayne 2009 season ticket
    DeAngelo williams leaf rookies & stars
    thomas lewis 1995 upper deck
    t.j. houshmandzadeh 2009 threads panini
    rashann salaam black diamond 1997 upper deck
    tony richardson 2002 upper deck
    terance mathis score 1995
    eli manning 2009 upper deck
    marice jones-drew 2008 season ticket
    larry fitzgerald sp authentic upper deck 2009
    t.j. houshmandzadeh sp thread 2009 upper deck
    germane crowell MVP 2001 upper deck
    kelly holcomb 2004 topps
    tom brady prestige 2011
    calvin johnson sp authentic 2009 upper deck
    antonio gates 2010 panini
    steve bono 1995 fleer metal
    eric swann leaf 1997
    daunte culpeper threads 2009
    j.j. birden 1995 score
    tyrone wheatley select 1996
    leslie o'neal 1993 fleer
    rashaan salaam 1997 skybox
    blair thomas score 1995
    philip rivers 2010 panini
    ladinian tomlinson 2009 threads
    raymont harris 1995 topps stadium club
    curtis conway 1996 pinnacle
    carlton mitchell 2010 hit
    kevin smith 2009 threads
    elvis grbac MVP 1999 upper deck
    cortez kennedy 1996 topps stadium club
    terance mathis 1997 topps
    garrison hearst 1994 fleer ultra

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    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    will trade for any nfl cards
    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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    my triple h pc still need more Hidden Content

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