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Thread: Trading!! My want list

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    Trading!! My want list

    Well im narrowing down my Raiders collection..
    things im looking for

    Highend raider autos/sick patches of
    Fred biletnikoff**
    Dave Casper
    Jim otto
    Ken Stabler**
    Jim Plunkett**
    bo jackson
    marcus allen
    George Blanda
    I also will look at any Legend/HOF raiders

    CURRENT raiders

    Denarius Moore(preferrably NT's, and nicer autos)
    Michael Huff(maybe)
    Carson Palmer
    Maybe mcfadden, i have alot...

    And any sweet tradebait..

    Lmk guys thanks

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    upp not in bucket
    tannehill R&S crusade auto/99
    richardson momentum trip jsy auto /199

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    you need this

    If not sent in reasonable time, I will leave neg. feedback.

    Sorry can't send out of US.

    Trade by BV not SV or who's hot or not this week.

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    I have one thank though deb

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