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    Looking for Nice GU/Auto for 175cc

    I got some more cardcash and i was looking for a gu/auto of any dallas mavericks players. let me know what you have thanks

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    hey i saw your post that you wanted some mavs rookies i will give you a nash fleer rookie and a micheal finley signature rookies red hot rookies for 150cc? lmk

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    the nash is 1.50 but not sure on the finley it's a signature rookies red hot rookies #R8

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    I can't find that finley card on are you sure that's what it is. if it's another 1.50 card then i'm not going to give you 150cc for $3.00 in cards

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    i couldnt find it either i would put up a scan but i dont have a scanner but might be able to from a fiends house

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    i dont have ne mavs, but i could give you like a $12 game used for 175 cc

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    i have a auction rihgt now it has a bkball gu antoine walker bv 15 i think its starting bid is 175 if not just bid that since i put this here lol

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    check my sell list in the trading do any of the cards under the 3.50 section

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