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Thread: 05 SP Authentic /25

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    05 SP Authentic /25

    Picked up some SP Authentic, all #'d to 25. Any interest?

    Boomer Grigsby rc
    Otis Amey rc
    Marcus Spears rc
    Steven Jackson
    Drew Brees
    Aaron Brooks


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    whats the jackson is that from 2004 or a 2005 insert

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    what do you need for the Marcus Spears rc?

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    jackson is from 05 - card #80

    on the spears, are you wanting to trade or buy? it's not in the book yet, so i'm not 100% sure on price.

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    gretzky99-look over my list and see if you like anything, we can go from there, depending on what you like

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    i just don't know what the card is worth. i like the schaub jsy, but i think that only books about $10. there's one of these james' #'d to 25 on ebay now, so i want to see what that does to give me an idea of what it's worth.
    got anything else in my sig?

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    gretzky99-LMK what you want to get for the Ware, I can't imagine it would go too high but just drop me a line

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    i will. it's still got a few days left. i'd like to get some sort of idea as it's not in the book yet.

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