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Thread: Looking for David Wright

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    Looking for David Wright

    If you have any rookies, GU, or Autos please let me know.....decided that he would be my first player collection. Thanks a lot!


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    I have his 02 Topps Total RC. Have any RC's of Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Jeremy Hermida, Mike Jacobs, Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, Yusmeiro Petit or other current Marlins players/prospects RC's? PLMK.


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    DoubleDown - I'm actually collecting him too. So far the only extra I have is an 05 Sweet Spot. If you need it, lmk, I could use a Wright or a Vlad in return. (I know it's a small trade, so if you don't want to trade for it, thats cool too)

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    is that a jersey card?? if so, i have a vlad 05 throwback threads jersey i can trade for it. lmk. thanks, andrew


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    no, its a base card, but you did remind me that I traded for 2 of the same Jersey card - so if you need the 2005 Fleer Authentix General Admission David Wright Jersey card, lmk know.
    I do need that Vlad, so if you wanna trade those, that works for me. Do you need the 05 Sweet Spot base card too?

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    Doubledown, got a reflections David Wright jersey (fabric reflections). pretty nice card.

    looking for teixeira, roberts, v. martinez, crawford, chavez, and dunn.

    try to offer a DECENT teixeira/roberts for this one though.

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    andrew- i do need that jersey card and i'd be happy to trade the vlad jersey for you want me to post?
    i don't need the sweet spot btw...thank you though


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